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Common Causes And Symptoms Of Acidity

[toc]Acidity is defined as the imbalance of the acid levels in the body, which means that the digestive tract is not able to function properly. The stomach makes or produces acid to help in digestion, but when the production of this acid becomes excess or very less, it means problems. Acidity is the excessive production of acid by these cells.


There are some very common causes and symptoms of acidity that we are all aware of, but there are often some causes or symptoms that we might not understand and mistake acidity for something else. Here is an insight on both.

Common Causes Of Acidity


Another cause of recurring acidity are ulcers. What happens here is that ulcers lead to more of acid secretion in the body, which causes damage on the protective lining of the stomach along with the intestine. So if you are getting acidity constantly, ulcers could be a cause.


Breakdown in Internal Functioning

Like any other machine, our body too needs to function properly. If you are getting acidity it could mean that something inside the digestive tract or the intestine is not functioning properly. It could also mean lack of blood flow, which helps to neutralize the acid.  Apart from this, Prostaglandins, which aid in stimulating bicarbonate and mucous, may also be malfunctioning.

Digestive Tract

Heavy Meals

Eating heavy meals tends to make the valve that lies between the food pipe or the oesphagus and the stomach very weak and this leads to development of reflux. Heavy meals also mean more of intra-abdominal pressure and this brings about more stress. Deep fried and processed foods are the main causes of acidity.

Processed Food


Sedate lifestyles, lack of exercise, having too much of alcohol and even spicy foods are common causes of acidity. Those who are indulging in any one or more of the same are prone to acidity and would be getting it sooner or later.


Symptoms Of Acidity

Identifying the symptoms of acidity is vital for treatment. Here is an insight-

Burning Sensation

This is the most common symptom of acidity, where the individual feels a burning sensation in the stomach along with the throat. It means that the acidic juices are already overproduced. It is followed by refusal of food and not feeling like eating anything.

Burning Sensation


Pain in the upper abdomen is another common symptom of acidity. What happens is that these juices don’t let the blood flow properly and also create problems along with the lining of the intestine. The juices accumulate around the area, leading to pain.

Pain in Abdomen

Other Symptoms

Some other symptoms of acidity include constant coughing, which is because the acidity is not only creating damage in the intestine but also comes up to the throat and nasal passage.

This is why some individuals may also vomit or feel nausea. Difficulty in breathing is also a very common sign of acidity, which is followed by pain and thus often mistaken for heart problems. But this in fact, might be something as simple as acidity.

So watch out for these causes and symptoms to treat acidity!

breathing difficulty

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