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Effective Natural Cures For Burnt Skin

[toc]Burnt SkinHave you ever experienced burnt skin? If yes, then you must be aware that the burning sensation is intolerable and quite severe in most of the cases. Burnt skin usually occurs in three stages starting from first degree burn which can happen on the outer layer of the skin to third degree burns that reaches the tissues and the muscles.

However, for burnt skin which is a first degree, there are a lot of natural cures that can help you out. The list is provided below for the convenience of the users to ensure proper cure of the burning on the skin and treat them effectively.

Natural Cures For Burnt Skin

Cold Water

Cold WaterOne of the most practical as well as a simple natural remedy for a burnt skin is to soak it in cold water. Make sure that the water has some ice cubes in it to get instant relief. However, applying ice directly on the burn is not at all advisable. This should be kept in the water till you stop experiencing the pain. Running water can also be used for the purpose of achieving cure.


Lavender OilThe lavender essential oil available in the market can help in healing the burns as well as relieving you from the pain. Not only does it help the first degree burns but also the second degree. The antibiotic properties of the oil also help in keeping the infection away. Spray some of the oil on the affected area each day to see visible outcomes and instant relief from burning.

Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraFor healing any first or second degree burns you can easily make use of the natural product we know as Aloe Vera. The soothing properties of this gel will help you get through the problem easily. Take out fresh gel from the plant and then apply it on the burnt skin. This should be done 2-3 times daily till you get rid of the problem. Aloe Vera plants are easily accessible and affordable too.


HoneyAlong with healing burns, honey helps in disinfecting the area as well as prevents it from getting infected. It extracts the fluid from the tissues and thoroughly cleans the burnt area. Use a bandage and evenly apply honey on it. Apply this directly on the burnt skin and leave it for a while. This should be changed 2-3 times in a day for maximum advantage. Follow the routine till the crisis is completely under control.

Juice Of Onion

Onion juiceTo reduce the occurrence of blisters on the skin because of burns and to treat the problem gradually, onion juice is one natural cure that can help. Make sure you only use fresh juice from the onion as it is known to lose the medicinal benefits after a while. This should be done daily till the problem is treated.

Noni Juice

Take out fresh Noni juice and apply it on the burnt skin each day without fail. The healing properties of this natural product are known in a lot of cultures and are definitely effective too. The only idea is to follow the remedy each day to get visible results in a couple of weeks. It is one natural cure that totally deserves to be in this list.

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