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How To Cure Dark Underarms

[toc]dark underarmsAmong the quite embarrassing situations and one that lowers the level of confidence is that of dark underarms. This is especially valid for women who love to wear stylish clothes and flaunt their flawless bodies. However, the dark underarms make it quite embarrassing in public especially when it comes to wearing sleeveless clothes.

The guide below is for people who want to treat the dark color in the underarms and that too in a simple and safe manner. It has some highly effective and top notch measures that if followed with due diligence can give more than expected outcomes for lightening the underarms.

Effective Ways To Cure Dark Underarms

Natural Bleaching Agents

lemonOne of the ways in which you can actually treat the darkness in the underarms is by using bleaching agents that are 100 percent natural. One of the top choices to make here is that of lemon that can be rubbed in the area for 10 minutes each and then left for a while. Wash it thereafter. This should be done at least 2-3 times in a week for visible results.

The same is valid for cucumber and potato slices as well. The juice of these natural bleaching agents can also be used on the affected area to get the outcomes. A few drops of lemon can be added to this for better results.

Exfoliation Helps

Baking SodaThe skin in the underarms can be treated by exfoliating the area with either the products available in the market or else with homemade exfoliators. This removes the dead skin cells and leaves it bright and smooth.

Some of the products that can be used for the purpose is dried orange peel powder, pumice stone, sugar and olive oil combo and baking soda paste with water. Use it once or twice in a week or if possible daily for faster results.

Massage With Coconut Oil

Coconut OilCoconut oil is known to have high levels of vitamin E that can not only brighten the skin of the underarms but also make it highly soft and supple.

Massaging the oil in the underarms for about 10-15 minutes is the best situation to adhere to and before taking a bath everyday. It is bound to give you visible results in hand.

Adhere to Better Measures of Hair Removal

waxing underarmsThere are a lot of people who shave the underarms of the extra hair growth. This is one of the major reasons that cause darkness in the underarms.

The idea is to stick to waxing as terms of removing hair which can help in removing the dead skin cells and tan and brighten the area.

Use Less Chemicals

Deodorants are a major cause for the occurrence of dark underarms. If you stop using them directly on the skin there, it is bound to help you achieve the goals of lightened underarms. It is one of the ways that is really effective.

Sandalwood And Rose Water Combo

SandalwoodMake a fresh paste of sandalwood powder with rose water and apply it evenly on the skin of the underarms.

This should be left for a few minutes and then washed off with water. Rose water helps in softening of the skin whereas sandalwood lightens it. Follow this remedy 2-3 times in a day.

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