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5 Best Herb Teas For The Libido

[toc]Sexual health is a very important aspect and one that determines the smoothness of a relationship. A gratifying sexual experience will always keep the love alive in a relationship. However, there are a lot of people who face low levels of sexual desire a.k.a. libido due to a lot of internal and external factors.


The best thing to do here is to adhere to measures that are natural and 100 percent effective. One of the broad categories of treatments is that of herbs. Below are some herb teas that if consumed on a regular basis can give you perfect outcomes: –

5 Herb Teas For The Libido

American Ginseng Tea

Though there are two types of ginseng that can enhance the libido including the Chinese version as well as the American. However, the latter is considered to be a top notch option as it boosts the sexual drive by bringing a change in the effect of dopamine in the brain. It also improves the sexual response. The dose of the tea should only be recommended by a professional that should be followed on a regular basis to get ideal results.

Ginseng Tea

Tea From Horny Goat Weed

This is one herb that has positive effects on the sexual drive of both men and women no matter how embarrassing it is for you to buy. Yin Yang Huo is the name of this herb in the Chinese tradition. Basically it improves and regulated the flow of the blood to the penis and the clitoris. It also adds that pressure to it.

According to researchers, it is a safe form of Viagra that can b used for increasing libido. Tea can be made from this herb at home with the right guidance from the professionals. About two cups can be consumed each day to see results in a few weeks.

Horny Goat Weed

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Maca Tea

To normalize the hormones produced by the body, there is nothing better than having Maca tea. About 2000 mg of Maca each day can considerably improve the conditions of the libido without any side effects. It is helpful for both men and women where fertility is concerned. However, the effects are gradual and it will take about a couple of months before you see the results on the sex drive.

Maca Tea

Ashwaganda Tea

Nitric oxide formulation and dilation of the blood vessels are two of the main functions of this herb tea. It boosts the mood of a person as well as help in relieving them of stress and anxiety. It also improves the immunity of a person as well as makes one resistant to stress. Ashwaganda can not only be brewed and consumed in the tea form but also combined with either clarified butter or ghee and milk to get best results for the libido.

Ashwaganda Tea

Damiana Tea

This is one herb that can work wonders for the sex drive of women. it is one herb that is found in the regions of south America and Mexico. It can be combined with a sweet herb like peppermint because of the bitter taste. A cup or two of this herb tea helps in boosting the libido with visible effects. A cup of this herb tea can be consumed about 2-3 hours before sex to get heightened pleasure.

Damiana Tea

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