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5 Best Vitamins To Enhance Female Libido

[toc]Not every woman suffers from low sex drive. It has been estimated that 30 to 50 percent of women suffer from low libido. If you are experiencing low libido, than you should take necessary treatment to cure it. It is easily curable and you get back your normal sex drive. Let’s first know why it occurs in the first place. Emotional and mental state like depression as well as anxiety affects female libido. During pre-menopausal stage, women get negative emotion which directly affects hormone secretion and finally results in low sex drive.

Female Libido

Also, during menopausal or post-menopausal stage, women suffer from low libido due to loss of ovulation. The treatment for low libido includes hormonal replacement therapy and prescription drugs. However, taking vitamins also helps to fight depression and anxiety as well as to induce proper hormone production. Here is a list of vitamins that may help to boost female libido.

5 Vitamins To Enhance Female Libido

Vitamin E

Vitamin E not only keeps your skin and hair healthy but also helps to boost libido. Take vitamin E capsule, open the capsule and rub the gel on the vagina two to three times a week. Vitamin E gel will help to remove the dryness from the tissues and stimulate sensation.

You can even apply the gel when you are not having sex. Eat walnuts, eggs, salmon, almonds, chickpeas, and broccoli for natural source of vitamin E which may help to get natural lubrication.


Vitamin C & D

Vitamin C and D helps to boost immune system that protects the body from germs and infection. Sick body becomes weak and lacks the energy to have a great sex life. So, it is important to stimulate immune system by taking vitamin C and D.

Moreover, these vitamins also have the property to enhance mood. Consume citrus foods like oranges and limes to get enough dose of vitamin C and spend time under sun to absorb the much needed vitamin D for your body.

citrus fruit

 Vitamin B6

If you are experiencing low libido due to menopause then consuming vitamin B6 might help you. During old age, women generally suffer from change in hormonal secretion (estrogen and progesterone) due to menopause. This impacts mood and libido in women.

Vitamin B6 helps to reduce shift of hormones and indirectly boost libido. Foods rich in vitamin B6 include bananas, Brussels sprout, avocados, potatoes, cantaloupe, beef, and cottage cheese.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the nutrient which is required both for men and women to have a healthy sex life. In women, vitamin A helps to maintain the reproductive cycle. And in men, vitamin A is important for healthy sperm production. You can furnish your body with vitamin A by consuming foods such as cabbage, carrot, mango, lettuce, tomato and watermelon.


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Vitamin B2

Vaginal dryness also affects libido. Therefore, it is essential to cure vaginal dryness if you want to increase you libido. It has been found that vitamin B2 helps to cure vaginal dryness. You need to take vitamin B2 supplements to get rid of vaginal dryness.

It will help to produce natural lubrication in the vagina reducing dryness. Try to eat foods such as almonds, soybeans, cheese, sesame seeds and tomatoes.


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