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5 Best Foods To Increase Libido For Women

[toc]One of the most significant parts of a person’s life that actually directly affects their relationship with their mate is that of the sexual aspect. As per the professionals, only a fulfilling sexual life can give the satisfaction to a couple apart from trust and love. However, there are a lot of women who faces the issue of a low libido and is not able to keep their partners as happy.

Increase Libido For Women

For this reason, women face a lot of ups and downs in their life. The good news is that with some natural ways the libido or the sex drive can be improved. One of them is including some foods in the daily diet. The list below gives you the perfect ideas: –

5 Foods To Increase Libido For Women


One of the top foods that can help in enhancing the libido is avocados. The high content in potassium not only helps women get their goals but also men. for energy and stamina, the folic acid content in the food work real wonders. These are all required aspects for a good libido. Include an avocado in the diet each day and see how well you get the results within a couple of weeks.



In simple terms, watermelon is called the natural Viagra for those who want to have a great sex drive. The content of the amino acid citrulline helps in removing the stress from the blood vessels to ensure that the libido increases to a level where you can actually enjoy the sexual life. A bowl of watermelon is all you need is living this dream in reality.



Foreplay is one of the best ways that can lead to a gratifying sex. To ensure that you follow this step properly a good level sex drive is very important. Bananas are one of the simple ways in which you can do it.

The vitamin B’s in the food helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy that helps in stimulation of testosterone. This is a sex hormone and much needed for a good sex drive. Eat a banana each day to get proven outcomes.



A tablespoon of flaxseed is all that you need in hand for increasing testosterone in the body to stimulate the libido to a good extent. The essential fatty acids in the food are something that will help you open up the blockages on the sex hormones that happen because of the lack of it.

You can easily grind them a little and include it in the dishes and salads to get perfect outcomes. This seed is easily accessible in the market.

flax Seeds

Dark Chocolate

There are chemicals in dark chocolate that helps in relaxation of the muscles. It also helps in improving pleasure and gives an intoxicated feeling. All these are highly required as a part of improving the libido. Nibbling on a piece or two of dark chocolate after meals is what you need to do for this goal. There is nothing better than improving the mood than dark chocolate.


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