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6 Best Foods To Improve Sperm Count

[toc]To ensure that one has gratifying sexual experience, there are a lot of things to consider. This will differ for both men and women. For men, one of the major points to be considered not only for great sex with his partner but also to ensure positive results where fertility is concerned is that of good sperm count. However, in a lot of cases men face low levels of sperm which might be a cause of worry.

Improve Sperm Count

The below mentioned list has some foods that improve the sperm count in a safe, natural and effective manner. All you need to do is include them in the daily diet which will also give your partner faster pregnancy results: –

6 Foods To Improve Sperm Count


One of the foods that truly deserve to be in the list that improves sperm count is asparagus. It has some excellent sperm increasing powers. Also, it has high levels of vitamin C that leads to prevention of sperm oxidization and also leads to the protection of the cells from the testicles.

Free radicals in the body are considerably reduced that improves the body functioning including sperm production.


Goji Berries

The high levels of powerful antioxidants provided by goji berries are one of the ideal ways to reduce the oxidizing of sperms. Along with this, it also helps in improvement of the blood circulation as well as helps in balancing the levels of temperature in the reproductive organs of males. It also leads to good stamina and improved mood that will help in better sexual experience.

Goji Berries


Vitamin E, B6, and folic acid are some of the nutrients that you can intake with just an avocado a day. To increase the sperm motility this is supposed to be one of the top notch foods. It increases the strength and quality of each sperm and gives it the power to penetrate the egg successfully. Include it in the diet and see how well it gives you results in hands.



The benefits of garlic consumption each day include the enhancement of blood circulation including that to the genitals as well as prevention of plague formation in the arteries. Endurance and strength of the sperm can be improved by including garlic in the dishes or having a clove of raw garlic each day.

Vitamin B 6 in garlic helps in prevention of damage of the sperms as well as regulation of the hormones that increase the sperm count.



One of the super foods that is supposedly one of the best ones is pomegranate. Low sperm count can easily be treated by including pomegranate in the diet each day. There are a number of different antioxidants in the fruit that gives you more than desired outcomes.

It lowers the chemicals in the blood. It provides a protective layer on the sperms and separates it from free radicals to help reach the egg successfully as well.


Mucuna Pruriens – Increase Sperm Count
Tribulus Terrestris
Kohinoor Gold Plus + Orgy Oil


Along with being an aphrodisiac, it also helps in giving great results in improving the sperm count. A major part of the sperm is made of zinc and this is the mineral that oysters are really high in. along with improvement of sperm production you can also expect it to repair the sperms that are damaged.


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