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5 How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

[toc]Low sperm count is a serious factor that prevents a couple to experience the joy of parenthood. This is a very frustrating situation, which often leads to estranged relationships. Sperm health is a big factor to impregnate a woman when a couple is planning to have a baby, and a low sperm count is a clear indication of poor sperm health. Though sperm structure and sperm motility are other parameters of sperm health, but it is the low sperm count that often becomes the deciding factor for a woman to get pregnant.

How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Normally, the presence of 15 million sperms per milliliter of semen discharged by males during sexual intercourse indicates a healthy sperm count. Low sperm count can be really disappointing for a couple longing to have a baby, but there is no reason to lose heart. There are definitely ways to increase sperm count naturally without any medications.

Ways To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Sperms are vulnerable to certain situations drastically reducing the count. The following natural ways are extremely useful to maintain a healthy sperm count.

Abstain From Smoking And Drinking

The production of sperm goes through a series of complex processes organized by pituitary glands, hypothalamus and testicles. Regular smoking releases a series of toxic chemicals that is enough to upset the normal functioning of the above mentioned organs which ultimately affects the sperm count. Drinking can also have a similar effect as it lowers the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone initiating sperm production. Quit these habits as soon as possible to preserve your fertility.

Abstain From Smoking And Drinking


Your diet can play a crucial role to increase your sperm count naturally. Your diet should be rich in zinc and folic acid, the two main ingredients essential for a healthy sperm count. Beans and nuts are the richest vegetarian sources of zinc and folic acid. Oysters, shrimps, turkey, beef and lamb are the top non-vegetarian sources of zinc. Spinach, asparagus, broccoli and collard greens are good sources of folic acid.

Antioxidants present in citrus fruits like lime and orange are also essential to increase the low sperm count. Eggs also contribute to healthy sperm count due to the presence of Vitamin B12 and Selenium. Limit your intake of saturated fats as it would have an adverse effect on your sperm count.


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Practice Safe Sex

Men indulging in unsafe sexual intercourse with multiple sex partners often invite sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which seriously lowers the sperm count. Avoid sex with multiple partners. Use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Make sure that your partner is not carrying any STI before having sex.

Practice Safe Sex

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Reduce Your Body Weight

As per a report published by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, obesity is very much associated with various male sexual dysfunctions including low sperm count. Obesity hampers normal circulation restricting the functions of testicles, which ultimately has a negative impact on the sperm count. Adopt physical workouts to reduce your bodyweight as per the set medical standards.

Reduce Your Body Weight

Opt For Cool Conditions

Human testicles require an optimum temperature for normal sperm production. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures drastically lowers the sperm count. Hot sauna baths or lying in the hot bath tubs for hours can affect sperm production. Always try to remain in cool conditions. Working for long hours with your laptop on your lap can kill the sperms.

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