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10 Ways To Get More Sex

10 Ways To Get More Sex[toc]Sex is one of the integral parts and one that defines the smoothness of a relationship. It is very important for each one to understand that only great sex between two people can keep the spark in the relationship and leave a strong bond. Apart from love and understanding this is one point that cannot be avoided.

Sex is something that most of the people desire and desire more and more. For those of you who are looking for effective ways to get more sex, can adhere to the tips below and see how well it gives results.

Tips To Get More Sex

Touch Her With Passion

Managing Your Sexual ActivityTo show that you are interested in her and not just for sex, it is very important to keep touching her. It is significant for a woman to feel that you want to get more intimate but with right intentions in mind. Touch her on the shoulders and waist while talking.

Take The Lead To Pay

While on a date, it is important to show your gentleman side to her if you want more sex. The best you can do here is to take the lead to pay the bills. This will make them realize how generous you are and how giving you can be in bed.

Excite And Arouse Her

KissingA good way to get more sex is to make her equally want it. Herein, exciting her by kissing and sucking on her sensitive parts like the neck or the lips is the best you can do. It will arouse her and give you an opportunity for more sex.

Communicate The Next Day

Some men make the mistake of turning cold or detached the next day after sex. This is one of the biggest turn offs for women. Make sure you make proper contact with her the next day. This will make them more inclined towards you and give more sex opportunities.

Get Rough

Sexual IntercourseA good way to turn her on and get more sex is to be rough. Women love men who are rough and playful in bed. This makes them feel more passionate and sensual giving way to more and more sex. Gentle hair tugging is one of the best examples.

The Art Of Whispering

Whispering holds a lot of importance and gives the woman a strong reason to feel aroused and excited. Talk dirty little things in her ears and see how well she responds to sexual behavior and give you more sex.

Be Gentle In Some Situations

Be A Dirty GirlWhere on one hand you need to be a little rough to excite her, on the other hand you need to be gentle in situations like pressing her clitoris. Give her the right impression that you are sensitive to her needs.

Give Room To Anticipation

Missionary Style Position for sexAnticipation is the key to high levels of arousal. If you give your woman the chance where she can gauze how predictable your steps are going to be, then sex gets boring, dull and monotonous. To get more sex, make sure you build up the anticipation each time.

Show Romance

Romantic AmbienceThe only way to woo a woman off her feet and get more sex with her is to use romantic ideas. Think of a nice idea like that of a candlelight dinner is one of the simple situations. Apart from this, romantic ideas will depend on the creativity of the person.

Use Her Name

Using her name shows her importance and your interest levels. Make sure you use it more than often while having sex. This is a good tip to get more sex. It will also make her feel special and exclusive when you use her name.