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Top 6 Foods That Help To Increase Testosterone

[toc]If you are losing interest in sex or lacking the vitality to perform sex then you might be suffering from testosterone deficiency. Testosterone is the male hormone that determines the sexual vitality of men. Testosterone is produced in testicles and along with promoting sexual health, it also keeps bones healthy, increases muscles mass and strength and uniformly distribute the fat throughout the body.


Studies have revealed that men with low testosterone level are more likely to suffer from rheumatoid. Testosterone secretion is at its peak during adolescence and gradually declines after the age of 30. Deficiency of testosterone could affect the body in many ways along with influencing sexual health. Testosterone deficiency can be treated with the intake of following foods.

6 Foods That Help To Increase Testosterone


Oyster is rich in zinc that helps to increase testosterone level in the body. Besides improving testosterone level, it also induces muscle growth, improves physical endurance and increases sperm production. So, consume oyster if you have testosterone deficiency. Zinc is also found in other foods such as chicken liver and pumpkin seeds.



Eggs are found to contain vitamin D that helps to improve testosterone level in the body. Deficiency of vitamin D hampers the production of testosterone. So, stress on taking foods rich in vitamin D or soak up in sunshine to ensure adequate level of testosterone. Eggs may be the answer to your low libido. Eat egg to enjoy energetic body and enhanced sexual vigor like never before.



This wonder fruit is loaded with nutrients that help the body in many ways. It not only provides the necessary nutrients required for the body but also maintain good testosterone level in the body. According to studies, avocado helps to prevent erectile dysfunction by improving blood circulation in the pelvic region.



Everybody knows that banana is a healthy food. But many may not know that it is also good for sexual health. Banana contains an enzyme called bromelian which is rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B helps in the development of testosterone. Therefore, eating banana aids in boosting testosterone in the body.


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Brazil Nuts

Nuts are excellent for health so are brazil nuts. They are loaded with nutriments and vitamins required for the proper functioning of the body. Brazil nuts are especially rich in magnesium that helps to increase testosterone level. Studies have found that people who take 750g of brazil nuts daily for 4 weeks are reported to have raised free testosterone level by 26 percent. So, it is advised to consume brazil nuts to increase sexual vigor.

Brazil Nuts


Garlic has thousands of health benefits. It has been found that garlic produce heat in the body which is beneficial in many ways. Studies have proved that eating garlic combined with high protein diet for a month help to induce testosterone secretion.

Garlic contains a chemical called diallyl disulfide that stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone. Besides this, garlic also enhances the flavor of the food. So, increase you intake of garlic to ensure an enjoyable and healthy sexual life. Toss your salads with garlic sauce or snack on garlic bread for an improved testosterone level.


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