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5 Best Exercises For Better Sex

Exercises For Better Sex

[toc]Sex is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in a person’s life and one that defines their most intimate relationship i.e. with their partner. No matter what, you have to understand that a smooth and loving relation is always dependent on good and satisfying sex apart from love and understanding.

However, there are a lot of people who face low sexual desires or some or the other problems. For those who are looking to enhance their sexual encounters should know that exercises are one of the best ways to achieve the goals. Check which ones will help you out in improving your sex life and leading a satiated life.

5 Exercises For Better Sex


Pushups For Better Sex

One of the top exercises that can help you in attaining the goals of better sex is to adhere to regular pushups in the routine. Wall presses in 3 sets each day of 10-15 repetitions along with simple knee pushups and hand-toe pushups are some of the best ones that you can move forward to.

Make sure that you exercise at least 30 minutes with a blend of some best exercises. According to professionals, following it 3 times in a week will give visible results by strengthening the pelvic muscles.

Side Twists/Bends Of Torso

Bends Of Torso For Better Sex

Another good exercise that helps in better sexual experience is side torso bends and twists. The gym is the best place to get perfect outcomes for your goals. It helps in strengthening the upper body and thus improves on the stamina levels considerably. Use the machines and equipments available in the gym for visible and faster results.

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Advantage Of Abdominals

Crunches For Better Sex

According to many professionals, the abdomen is one of the areas that can affect sex levels and is a sex boosting region. This is solely because there is a significant use of abdominal muscles at the time of sex. Crunches especially the traditional and old fashioned ones where one has to lie on the back and lift the head and shoulders off the ground while hands at the back of the neck is a good option.

Herein, 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions are advised. Bridges is one of the other options that can be considered. Pelvic tilts are recommended for men and kegels are suggested for women for making the pelvic muscles strong.


Deadlifts For Better Sex

To make the back and the legs strong, deadlifts is the right thing to stick to. This will enhance the sexual life in a visible manner. Raising dumbbells or barbells in a bent position that is neutral is the right way to go. However, make sure you follow the correct position to avoid all kinds of muscle injury. To get the most out of this exercise, make sure you follow some effective tips.

Pushing And Pulling Exercises

Pushing And Pulling Exercises For Better Sex

From lateral raises to rows and even flyes which is done on the cable crossover in the gym is a good idea for better sex enhancement. This should be done whenever you hit the gym. Talk to your professional about how many times in a week of this exercise will help you get the outcomes and follow it with due diligence.

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