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How To Have Better Sex

[toc]Sex is a vital part of our daily life and we cannot reject the fact that each one of us is very passionate about the same. In today’s busy life we are highly entangled in our tight schedules and are slowly forgetting the pleasure of the most treasured moments of our lives. Love making is becoming a kind of task which every couple needs to perform as a strict regime.

Better SexThis activity should not be encouraged and on the contrary we should always try to attract our partners in different ways so that the love making becomes a pleasure giving action. It is not necessary to stick around with your partner for a long time to have a better sex, but you should make your passionate presence felt to the zenith, although you are there for a short time. If you agree to this point and want to have a better sex, then you can consider the following ways.

5 Tips To Have Better Sex

Create The Environment

Sex is best experienced when you are in a special aroused mood. This mood can be created with the help of romantic and passionate environment. You should appreciate the magical effect created by candles and light up your bedroom with a few perfumed ones.

You may also have some fresh flowers on your bed to add upon to the magic. This will give a special feeling to your partner and she would definitely love to fall for you all over again with a new zeal. Make sure the perfume and the flowers are of your partner’s choice.

Romantic Environment

Flirting With Her

In a better way sex is described as love making. This is because of the fact that sex can be enjoyed only if it is based on love. To build up the moment you should flirt with her and talk dirty. These kinds of conversations ignite the desire to get into a sexual act without any restrictions.

You can send her erotic and playful messages all through the day before reaching home and make her wait for you with an amalgamation of lust and love. You can extend the act till you end up in the bed. This will be a very exciting play for both of you.


Make Her Dress Beautifully

It is a known fact that the first thing which attracts us is the beauty of a lady. We always dream of having a beautiful lady in our arms. Make your dream come true by having your lady beautifully dressed. Try to be passionate and slow while progressing in love making.

This will make both of you feel beautiful and complete with each other. While getting intimate with your lady, do not forget to praise her beauty and elegance. Kiss every part of her body to make her believe your words and she will be all yours.

dress beautifully

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Surprise Her

Every lady likes surprises. However, here the surprise should lead both of you to the cozy bed. Try to prepare a delicious dinner for her in her absence and give her a break from the daily routine. Gift her sexy set of lingerie and ask her to try out and show it to you. At this point your desire and passion will be tested.

You should be romantic enough to hold her back and sink into each other. She will love to be in your arms and will equally participate in having better sex. Surprise is the key to excitement, which is an essential element of sex.


New Position

We as humans always get bored very easily in our daily life. This is due to the fact that we regularly do things with nothing new in them. Sex also demands innovation. You should be experimental with your positions of love making.

This adds on to the orgasm factor of both of you and you may also discover a few new things about your partner. There are more than 50 positions mentioned in our ancient books. However, you can try at least a new one twice a week or so. Both of you will definitely have a better love making.

sex position

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