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Easiest Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally

[toc]Boost TestosteroneTestosterone is a hormone that is produced in the body which functions to maintain metabolism, bone health and other bodily functions. It is produced in both men and women. Cortisol is produced in the body that converts testosterone to estrogen in women which has different functions. Normal hormonal levels have to be maintained in a body for overall general health.

A teeny bit of change in these levels causes havoc and produces unwanted changes in the body. Hence a regime should be followed. Here are a few simple steps to naturally increase testosterone in the body. They have to be religiously observed for visible results.

Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally


fatsSugar and sugary foods have to be reduced and taken only in limited moderation as they all get converted to insulin which decreases testosterone. Only healthy fats have to be taken especially the one rich in mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids. Foods like avocado, nuts, fish and salmon.

Branch chain amino acids like leucine should be included in the diet. zinc is very important to be included in the diet as its supplementation increases levels of testosterone. Heavy or strenuous exercise induces decreased testosterone which can be corrected by zinc which shows significant improvement in just one to two months.


ExerciseGenerally age contributes to low levels of testosterone. Ageing leads to muscle loss and also low energy levels. Exercise can restore the levels of the hormone. Depending on the right amount and kind of exercise testosterone can be maintained.

Strength training, cardio, weight lifting are the kind of exercises that should be chosen. Short interval high intensity work out is to be followed. Care should be taken to avoid heavy duty over strenuous exercise as it decreases the hormone levels in the body.


meditationStress should be avoided at all costs. Stress leads to problems in a long run. Stress causes fluctuations of hormone levels in the body. Cortisol hormone gets elevated during stress which reduces the testosterone.

Cortisol inhibits formation of testosterone. In the body. Have a stress free life by following meditation. Listen to music, involve in social activities to maintain hormonal balance and peace of mind.


Weight Management

Weight ManagementWeight loss has to be programmed properly. Overweight or obese people produce an enzyme called aromitase that converts testosterone to estrogen. Overweight reduces the hormone levels in the body. Cutting down on calories causes hormonal imbalance in the body. Crash diets should be totally avoided. Weight should be managed to avoid disturbances in the body that might send wrong signals to the brain.

Thus weight management is extremely necessary and crucial. Fit body is always better as a harmony among the bodily functions is observed. Regular exercise and a good healthy diet gives beneficial results.


Abstinence from sex if, observed gives results. Do not have sex for atleast a week. Have sex only early in the morning. Abstain from sex during nights. This increases testosterone levels in the body. However the testosterone levels are reduced or come back to normal after sometime.

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