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How To Treat A Migraine

Ways To Treat A Migraine

[toc]Migraine attacks have a plenty of remedies that are simple and can be used without much hassle. There are also medications that relieve you from the pain you experience during the migraine attacks. However, it is not easy to find the right drugs that suit you.

Your doctor may offer you various drugs until you find the one that soothes your pain the best. Migraine attacks have no single cure and various remedies can be taken in conjunct. You can take pills and go for acupressure to get relief from the pain. Before you can reach the doctor, you can find some home remedies coming handy. Learn how to treat migraine here.

5 Ways To Treat A Migraine

Relax And Sleep

Relax For Migraine

Migraine attacks can be treated with a simple remedy – enough sleep. When you experience pain, grab some sleep, be it during any part of the day. Always maintain a regular sleep time schedule. Go to sleep at the fixed hour and wake up at the scheduled time to keep off migraine.

When you sleep, make sure that the room is dark. Light is known to trigger the attacks and increase the pain. At times, when you cannot wake up early or sleep on time, let some fresh air come in which helps to keep off the migraine attacks.


Diet For Migraine

Never skip breakfast. And this does not mean that lunch and dinner can be overlooked. Eat thrice a day or if you cannot, try having portioned meals for about 6 times a day. If you cannot take your lunch on time, try munching raw vegetables and fruits.

Always try to maintain a schedule for eating. Make a note of foods that aggravate the migraine attacks and avoid them. Spicy foods can help you bring down the pain. Most of the spices, red chili especially are rich in capsaicin, the natural pain killing agent.

Hot And Cold Packs

Cold Packs For Migraine

You can apply cold compress on the head. Lie down while you do this. Also, ice packs can be placed on the head. Soaking both the hands in ice water till you can bear the cold is also another good option.

Open and close the hands alternately while you place them in water. Hot compress too can help. Taking hot or cold showers can also bring down the pain. When you apply pressure on the sides of the forehead the pain decreases.

Manipulation And Biofeedback

Manipulation For Migraine

A chiropractor can help you relieve the migraine pain and bring down the frequency of the migraine attacks. Make sure to get the manipulation done by a trained and qualified professional. Massages can also ease the pain and again seeking aid of trained professional is necessary.

Reflexology is another manipulation technique. You can also try biofeedback, which raises the temperature of another part of the body. This increases the blood flow to the other parts and the pain reduces as the flow of blood is reduced in the head.


Medication For Migraine

Pain killers in strong doses are prescribed by the doctors. Also, the drugs that control vomiting are also given. Tripants are drugs that are specific for migraine attacks are also prescribed. These drugs relieve the pain of migraine attacks within 30 minutes of taking them orally. These drugs are also available in the form of injections and nasal sprays.

There are drugs like riboflavin that are available without a doctor’s prescription. Taking 400 mg per day eases the pain. Ibuprofen is good in curing migraine attacks of mild levels. Treating migraine attacks becomes easier when you know all these methods and techniques. Speaking to your doctor and getting to the level of the attacks can help you to try the method that works the best for you.

How To Treat A Migraine

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