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How To Prevent Migraines

[toc]migrainesMigraines have become a very common medical condition in today’s fast-paced stressful life. Migraines can be prevented with proper care and right health habits. Managing stress, proper sleep, micronutrient supplements and exercise play an important role in preventing migraines.

Stopping bad habits like consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarette surely help in preventing migraines during your 30s and 40s. Prevention may require making changes to your diet. Eating more vegetables and fruits is better than meat and fat-containing foods. It is wise to consider taking an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Let us try to understand more about how to prevent migraines.

Ways To Prevent Migraines


SleepAdequate sleep is a critical factor that determines mental health. It is very important for preventing migraines. A great majority of patients who suffer from migraines have mild to moderate form of insomnia. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

It is also wise to establish a sleep pattern and not break it. Our brain contains a lot of chemicals that work in synergy. Sleep deprivation creates imbalance and can lead to severe migraines. Adequate sleep prevents migraines.


Fish OilThere are dozens of multivitamin and multimineral supplements available today in the market. These supplements are designed to fulfill body’s micronutrient need which is not satisfied with regular diet. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are known to help in preventing migraine headaches.

These fatty acids are available in fish oil supplements. Fishes like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Increasing sea food in diet will help in enhancing your body’s natural defense mechanism against migraines. This helps in preventing migraines as well.


Stress significantly affects mental health. It also causes hormonal changes in the body. Cortisol levels normally rise up when an individual suffers from stress. Therefore, it is important to practice meditation, deep breathing exercises and other stress coping techniques to keep your stress levels low.

Stress is also a trigger factor of migraines. Learning new things, listening to soothing music and meeting new people often reduce stress. Sometimes, a new pet can help in reducing stress levels as well. This helps in preventing migraines.


CoffeeWriters commonly use caffeine as a mental stimulant. Yes, caffeine is known to reduce the sleep effect. This can lead to negative mental consequences. It is wise to reduce the caffeine intake. Reducing the consumption of tea and coffee to minimum will help in establishing proper sleep patterns.

Caffeine is also recognized as a known migraine trigger. Stopping caffeine consumption is known to reduce the migraine attacks in patients. Therefore, it is wise to consider lowering caffeine intake. It potentially helps in preventing headaches and migraines.

Regular Exercise

ExercisesExercise indirectly helps in preventing migraines in the long run. This is because exercise helps in strengthening body’s natural defense mechanism against diseases. It also creates a healthy blood flow. When we breathe hard, we inhale more oxygen in our body. This helps in oxygenating blood and supplying more oxygen to brain as a consequence. Exercise reduces cortisol levels in body. This helps in restoring the hormonal imbalance.

It also helps in inducing temporary mental tiredness which is good for short naps. Therefore, exercise is a good way to prevent migraines. Thousands of individuals are diagnosed with migraines every day. Proper understanding of options mentioned above helps in preventing migraines. Adequate rest, low caffeine, exercise, and stress-reducing techniques play a critical role in preventing migraine.

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