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Top 5 Migraine Treatments

Top Migraine Treatments

[toc]Migraine is a problem of general concern today. More than one billion people across the globe are affected by this problem. Although the illness is not fatal, it causes a lot of problems for the person affected. Since it is a neurological disorder, problems such as headache and vomiting are always accompanied by it.

However, the problems can be made dormant by making sure that the patient receives proper medication and treatment at the earliest. Here are the top five treatments that are being followed by a large populous across the world.

5 Various Treatments For Migraine


NSAIDs Reduce Migraine

NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are those class of drugs which include both over-the-counter as well as prescription doses of common medicines like aspirin, ibuprophen, naproxen sodium etc. These medicines have been made available to us in form of various brands.

For all those suffering from mild problems related to migraine, NSAIDs are very beneficial and useful. After considering the placebo effect and statements from various patients across the world, it is evident that the line of treatment related to NSAIDs is very much successful

Medications Related To Nausea

Pepto Bismol Reduce Migraine

Nausea is a very common problem among those suffering from migraine. It is often accompanied by high intensity of headache. This problem of nausea often induces vomiting. Hence, it is very important to consider the drugs that are generally prescribed for problems of nausea. Pepto-Bismol, Trums and Emetrol are common drugs in this class of treatment.

Home Remedies

Mint Tea

It is of common knowledge to us that migraine can attack a person suffering from it irrespective of his surroundings. Under such circumstances, it is important for us to know certain home remedies that have been associated with the treatment of migraine.

Having hot mint tea at the time of a headache is often very useful as it prevents nausea and does not induce any vomiting. Similarly, dry crackers, flat cola and soda are very helpful in case of a migraine attack.

Anti-Seizure Drugs

Depakote Reduce Migraine

Although, seizures are not a part of Migraines, certain anti-seizure drugs are found to be extremely useful when it come to the prevention of headache and nausea.

Depakote and Topamax are few such anti-seizure drugs. Not only do they lessen the migraine headaches, they also prevent any further immediate attacks. These drugs are highly helpful in making the headaches dormant.

Healthy Practices

Healthy Diet For Migraine

It is a very well-known fact that migraine headaches are not perfectly curable. However, following healthy and hygienic practices ensure that these headaches are not very frequent and troublesome. Ample amount of Sleep, Healthy Diet, Rest and Exercise are few basic habits that an individual must develop in order to ensure a migraine free day. All these habits develop a certain chain of immunity in our body and help us sustain the difficult times.

Migraine is not a very problematic issue for those individuals who know the right method of treatment and follow it without any doubts. After all, anyone suffering from the illness wants to lead a healthy life and following the right line of treatment makes it possible.

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