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5 Ways To Increase Sperm Count

[toc]In earlier times, most people blamed women, if they failed to conceive.  However, recent advances in medical science have proved that men can also contribute to infertility problems. In fact, in modern times, low sperm count is considered as a major reason of infertility.

Sperm Count

The problem of low sperm count has become even more prominent in recent times because most men these days lead a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, which makes the problem worse.

Studies have revealed that apart from an unhealthy lifestyle, other factors can also contribute to low sperm count. These can include serious medical conditions, infections, and even hormonal problems. Sometimes, taking steroid injections can also affect sperm count. However, whatever the reasons are, it is crucial that you choose the right solutions for solving this problem.

5 Ways To Increase Sperm Count

Healthy Lifestyle

The first step for increasing sperm count is to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are overweight, it is crucial that you lose weight. Start by including low calorie, but nutritious foods in your eating plan. These foods can include low fat milk products, soya, fruits, white meat, cottage cheese and fresh vegetables. Eating these foods regularly can help you to lose weight and thus, increase sperm count.


Exercise Regularly

Following a healthy diet is a good idea, but you need to combine it with a proper exercise routine. Such a step will help you to lose weight quickly. Also, studies have proved that regular exercises increase testosterone in the body, which in turn enhances sperm count. However, avoid over exercising because too much exercising can affect sperm production. In general, maintain a healthy balance.


Right Supplements

Opting for certain herbal supplements can help you in enhancing your sperm count. However, it is better if you do not take these supplements on your own. This is because blindly taking supplements may not yield desired results.

Rather, consult a doctor who can prescribe you the right supplements for you. Depending on your specific condition, the doctor may suggest folic acid, zinc sulphate or vitamin C supplements for you.


Avoid Stress

Finally, studies have proved that stress can be a major factor behind low sperm count. So, if you are feeling excessively stressed these days, try to find practical ways of handling it. Some good strategies of handling stress would be to go on a holiday or cook or do anything you love. You can also get in touch with a counselor, if you find that you are unable to handle stress alone.


Protect Your Testicles

If you are interested in increasing your sperm count, it is crucial that you protect your testicles always. Start by wearing loose underwear. Consider the fact that wearing tight underwear for long period can interfere with sperm production.

Also, avoid placing laptop or any other device on your lap for many hours at a stretch. This is because electronic devices radiate heat and as we all know, heat kills sperms. For the same reason, avoid hot showers.

loose underwear

Consider these tips for increasing your sperm count.

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