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How To Cure GERD

[toc]GERD, also known as acidity or acid reflux, is one of the common diseases of the alimentary canal. In the elderly, GERD symptoms are seen due to the weak valve between the stomach and the food pipe, thus pushing the food laced with stomach acid up the food pipe.


In others, acidity may be due to eating heavy food or the food to which they may be allergic. Whatever may be the cause of your GERD, you need to look for an effective cure to get rid of GERD. There is a lot that one can do to cure GERD. This article deals with various aspects of curing GERD like bringing about changes in lifestyle etc.

5 Best Ways To Cure GERD


There are many medicines available for curing GERD. Though some are available as over the counter medicines, it is advised that your doctor should prescribe them for you. The commonly prescribed medicines are antacids, Prilosec, Nexium, Zantac and Pantoprazole.


Colon Cleanse

Colon cleanse can help you in looking after your acid-reflux. The toxins of the body get released when a colon cleanse is done. Market has a few trustworthy products for colon cleanse, buy them and go through instructions carefully. Do your colon cleanse as per the instructions given alongwith.

Colon Cleanse

Dietary Modifications

High fiber diet increases the chances of GERD. The fiber usually attaches certain nutrients with itself and does not allow them to be absorbed in the intestines. Patients of GERD are already deficient in the nutrients, high-fiber diet increases this deficiency further.

It is highly recommended by the doctors and health practitioners that if you have GERD, go for light portion of meals. You should have your meals frequently , but in smaller quantity. Loading the stomach , if it has become sluggish will make it more slow, resulting in acid reflux.

The best way to start looking after your acid reflux is by ruling out allergy to certain food items. If you find any, just remove them from your diet completely. You may find that GERD goes away very soon. However, not every case of GERD is a victim of allergy of food items.



Surgery should be your last resort, if you are suffering from this bothersome ailment. But it has been seen that a few indeed opt for surgery, because they are fed up of taking medicines for a long period. They want to do away with the need for medications .There are many types of surgical procedures, depending upon the requirement and choice of the patient.


Lifestyle Modifications

There is a very good remedy to heal your nagging GERD. Just sit upright for an hour or two, so that food gets digested, thus eliminating all the chances of food climbing up. This remedy helps by applying the force of gravity. All the doctors recommend this simple method for GERD.

There are many people who have treated their GERD just by adhering to one simple tenet that the elderly and wise have even saying all along. It has been recommended that one needs to pay full attention to food, keeping aside any distraction. Be it television or reading, stay away from any distraction while you eat. Eating mindfully helps in digesting the food very well and regulating acid reflux.