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5 Ways To Cure The Flu

Ways To Cure The Flu

[toc]Natural approach to the flu has no adverse effects on the body. On contrary to the usual belief that the natural remedies do not act fast, here are the things you can do to do away the flu before you go for over the counter medicines. These natural methods act well in the initial and the moderate stages of flu.

You need to make sure that you release the sinuses and grab enough rest. Rest is required to restore what the body has lost. Fluids are to be consumed in plenty too. Here are the ways that tell you how to cure the flu naturally.

5 Top Cures For The Flu

Clear The Sinuses

Nasal Congestion Reduce Flu

Nasal congestion has to be removed to cure flu. In the room you stay, use a humidifier. The nasal congestion is eased with the warm moist humidifiers. Blowing the nose in the right way also clears the sinuses.

If the nose is not blown, the mucus can go back to the head because of sniffling. Make sure you do not blow too hard which may result in earaches. Taking in hot fluids like tea, water, soups can clear off the sinuses.


Gargling Reduce Flu

Infection in the throat too has to be cured to get rid of the flu. You need to gargle with warm water. Add salt to warm water and gargle with the solution for 3 to 4 times a day. You can also use tea which can tighten the membranes and relieve headache.

Honey has properties that fight the infections. You can take in lemon juice with honey and gargle with the same. This mixture is a rich antibiotic and can fight the infection in the throat.

Hot And Cold Aids

Steam Shower Reduce Flu

Taking a steam shower is much helpful in curing the blocked nasal passages. If you are too tired for a steamy shower, even a sponge bath can help in getting rid of the mucus deposited in the nasal doors. This also helps in perspiration which brings down the temperature.

You can apply either hot or cold packs to get relieved from sinuses. Ready to use packs, warmed up damp clothes and the frozen bag of peas can be used to make your breathing comfortable.

Grab Sleep And Rest

Sleeping Reduce Flu

When sleeping use extra pillow under the head which makes the breathing process easier aiding in peaceful sleep. Congestion at night times can also be cleared off by using the nasal strips. If you need to fly, postpone or avoid it, else the condition worsens.

The pressure changes that take place while flying can affect the eardrums and block the nasal passages. Enough rest is required to improve the immune system. So avoid flying and every other normal activity to cure flu.

Eat Good Foods

Onion, Ginger & Garlic Reduce Flu

Foods that boost the immune system can help to cure flu. Onion, ginger, garlic and spices are rich in anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Consuming these in higher quantities can help in flu treatment. Rosemary and thyme too can help in fastening the process of curing. Taking in foods rich in anti-oxidation properties also helps in boosting the immune system.

Take foods that are easy to digest. Capsaicin is rich in chili and pepper and this is a decongestant and a cough medicine. These natural ways to cure flu can be tried easily at home. You need to try them often and with care to reduce the extent of infection in the mild stages.

Top Cures For The Flu

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