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Top 5 Natural Cures For The Flu

Natural Cure To Flu

[toc]Flu or Influenza is a very irritating and common problem in all countries of the world. It is caused by a virus and is highly contagious. It is a seasonal disease, breaking out mostly during the winters. The flu travels with cold season worldwide. It can easily spread form one person to another person in cold and dry air.

It is not very effective to get flu vaccines every year because the viruses get immune to the flu shots, and there are some mutational changes in those viruses as well. Every year, a new strain of the virus becomes dominant and new medicines have to be prepared for it. Here are some all time Top 5 Natural cures for The Flu for you.

Natural Cures For The Flu

Hydration To Remove Toxins

Drink Water To Reduce Flu

Water helps flush out all bad toxins form your body. The body needs more water when infected, more than anytime. So you have to drink as much of water as you can. If the season is very chill, then warm up the water a bit. Very cold water can cause throat pains.

You can also try gargling with hot salted water for throat infections due to the flu. You can also try adding a drop of Oil of Oregano in your drinking water once in every 2 hours or so. This water will help fight the flu virus, though not recommended during pregnancy. Also do not add Oil of Oregano for more than 3 days.

Hot Liquid To Improve Immunity

Soup To Reduce Flu

Hot liquids help in awakening the immune system. So you can make a variety of delicious soups and broths with veggies or grains. Take them as hot as you can bear. This will help very well in curing sore throat caused by the flu. You can add any spices you like. This natural treatment helps in relieving congestion too and can provide some relief from coughing. The soup will also be a great food to keep you warm in the colds.

Hot And Herbal Tea For Congestion Relief

Herbal Tea To Reduce Flu

You can make hot teas for the perfect natural cure from flu. You can try herbal tea mixtures or makes your own version at home. You can make teas with mint leaves, lemon, honey and ginger and have them hot. You can also adds some pepper too if you need. The ginger and pepper helps cure congestion, headaches and also digestion problems due to the flu. Lemon has Vitamin C, which is a great immunity booster. Mint also helps battle the flu.

Honey To Relieve Cough

Honey To Reduce Flu

Honey is the best natural remedy for all kinds of disease. It is very safe for all from infants to adults. You can make warm honey water to relieve cold and cough. Taking raw honey helps in relieving cough. You can try having some powdered pepper in a spoon of honey to instantly cure the cough and flu. Raw honey has anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It also helps with digestion issues during the flu.

Steam For Nasal Congestion

Steam For Nasal Congestion

You can relieve nasal congestion and running nose with steam. Boil water and add a drop of eucalyptus oil and breathe the steam through the nose and mouth. Apart from all these, you should also take some proper rest, to get rid of flu as soon as possible. Healthy and hygienic diet, along with rest can work wonders.

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