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How To Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers

Ways To Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers

[toc]Mouth ulcers are also known as canker sores or aphthous ulcers. These sores are really painful and happen due to a break in the mucous membrane. These sores are normally white or yellowish in colour, surrounded by red swollen tissue along side.

These painful lesions occur below the tongue, insides of the cheeks or gums. These sores normally last for ten days and can be a painful experience. When affected with an ulcer the person will feel a tingling sensation in the mouth. This is not a serious condition and can be treated at home easily. There are a host of reasons why mouth ulcers occur but the exact reason is still not known. Mouth ulcer can also appear with other symptoms like fever, listlessness, stress, allergies etc.

Various Ways To Treat Mouth Ulcers


Proper Rest For Mouth Ulcers

Sleep is a very simple cure for the mouth ulcer. This is because it reduces the adrenaline function of the human body. If you take proper rest and sleep then your sore will begin healing faster. You must remember that it at least takes 2 to 3 days to completely cure the ulcers.


Sage For Mouth Ulcers

Sage is one herb that is utilized for the treatment of a lot of diseases. This is because the healing power of this herb can help in sustaining the mucus membranes of the throat and mouth. This herb is used to treat sore throat, oral inflammation, gum disease, tonsillitis, laryngitis etc.

Bird Of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise For Mouth Ulcers

This flower is a part of the legume family and has its home in Africa, Asia and also Costa Rica. This herb is mainly used in alleviating the liver diseases and canker sores.


Buttermilk For Mouth Ulcers

Buttermilk is good for your stomach when you are experiencing this disease. Alternatively, you can also rinse the mouth with proper cultured buttermilk. You will have to hold the buttermilk in your mouth for 3 minutes and then spit it out. You can always repeat this gargle until the sore is completely gone. Drinking a glassful of buttermilk daily will also be very helpful to relieve the symptoms of the canker sores.


Salt For Mouth Ulcers

Salt being a natural antiseptic will help in desensitizing the sores. All you have to do is to take a teaspoon of salt in a cup and add few drops of water. Mix this solution well so that it becomes thick. Take a paper towel and dry the affected area carefully, now apply the thick salt solution on the mouth ulcer and allow it to stay there.

Let the solution sit on your sore till it gets absorbed completely. Then rinse your mouth normally with water. You will have to repeat this medication twice daily. Alternatively, you can also make a spray of the saltwater solution and spray it on the area throughout the day. But make sure you do not swallow that water.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda For Mouth Ulcers

Baking soda is a natural sanitizer and an antiseptic that will help alleviate the sore of your mouth. Take a teaspoonful baking soda in a glass and add few drops of water to it. Mix this into a thick paste and take the help of a paper towel to dry the affected area properly. Now, you can place the baking soda paste on the sore directly. You will have to leave the mixture on the sore till it gets dissolved completely. You can repeat the medication thrice daily till your sore is gone completely.


Benzocaine For Mouth Ulcers

Benzocaine is local anaesthesia and will aid in numbing the affected area. This chemical is usually found in most topical creams and gels prepared for the mouth. If a person is suffering from mouth ulcers then he can easily buy products that contain benzoncaine.

These products are Kanka and Anbesol etc. before you apply the product on the affected area, you will have to dry out the area completely with the help of a paper. Then apply this cream or gel directly on the sore with the help of a cotton swab. You can always repeat the medication after every four hours.

Oral Medicines

Oral Medicines For Mouth Ulcers

There are a lot of medicines available in the pharmacy stores that help in alleviating the mouth ulcers and its symptoms. These medicines are not really meant for the treatment of the mouth ulcers but work very well indeed. Medicines like, tagamet, prednisone (oral steroids) can be taken for the treatment of the mouth ulcers when all else has failed.

You will have to remember that the steroids have a lot of side effects and must always be considered as a last resort. These medicines are not at all safe for the long term usage. Debacterol can also be taken orally for the treatment of mouth ulcers. This medicine cauterizes the sores and heals them within a week. Topical gel and cream is also available over the counter and can be applied on the affected area to speed the healing process.

Mouth Rinse

Mouth Rinse For Mouth Ulcers

You can always make use of the milk of magnesia as a mouth rinse for the canker sores. This will form a coating on the sores and will provide a cooling effect. You can also make a mouth rinse of hydrogen peroxide. You will have to take one teaspoonful of salt and baking soda, two ounce water and two ounce hydrogen peroxide. You can rinse the affected area with this solution but you must not swallow it.

This is known as the most effective remedy for treating the mouth ulcers at home. If you visit a doctor, he will also prescribe a mouth rinse containing steroid dexamethasone. This mouth rinse will reduce pain and inflammation of the area. However, if this mouth rinse is used for a long time then it can cause thrush and discolour your teeth permanently.

Alternative Treatment

Honey For Mouth Ulcers

You can always take an antacid for a mouth ulcer. This will help in reducing the pain and acidity of the mouth. You will have to mix one teaspoon of gooseberry bark and honey to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area several times a day. Make sure you do not swallow the mixture.

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