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5 Ways To Get Rid Of White Heads

Ways To Get Rid Of White Heads

[toc]Whiteheads is one of the most common and prevalent problems of the skin and a crisis that is faced by half of the population including both men and women. In simple terms, white heads occurs when there is accumulation of dirt, oil and toxins in the pores.

This usually comes out as white thorns on the skin and makes it dull and unattractive. It also makes the face look unhygienic. To ensure that you don’t have to face this embarrassment anymore, you can use the below mentioned effective tips and ideas. It will help you get rid of white heads in the most convenient way possible.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of White Heads 

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink water

One of the best routine habits that you can make to internally clean the skin and hydrate it is to drink plenty of water. This will flush out the dirt and oil from the pores that is causing the occurrence of whiteheads on the skin.

Herein, 10 to 12 glasses of water is highly recommendable for those who want clear, refreshed and rejuvenated skin. With just a couple of weeks to go, you will find yourself getting freedom from white heads. Other healthy liquids like green tea, fresh fruit juices and coconut water will only trigger the process further.

Lemon Juice Application

Lemon Juice Reduce White Heads

Along with the anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and bleaching properties, it has acidic content that helps the skin pores to shrink and thus not only treat the accumulated dead skin cells, dirt and oil but also helps in preventing further occurrence.

Herein, one needs to know that the lemon juice should be extracted and left for about 10 minutes before application on the skin. This should be left for the next 5 minutes for it to work on the skin and then rinsed off with cold water. This will further help in shrinking the pores of the skin and treating white heads.

Maintain Cleanliness

Cleansing The Face For White Heads

Along with cleansing the face with a mild and specialized face wash formula that removes white heads and deep cleanse the pores, you should also ensure that this routine is followed twice in a day. Along with cleaning the skin in the morning the same should be followed at night.

Do not rub the skin but pat it dry. Alpha hydroxyl acids and salicylic acid content in the face cleanser is advisable. Another important aspect of cleanliness is to not touch the skin with bare fingers until and unless it is washed completely with an antiseptic soap.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Reduce White Heads

Not only is tea tree oil application good for the treatment of acne and pimples, but applying the same using a cotton ball on the skin will get you rid of white heads. This should be done on ab it on the skin. It gives great outcomes.

The Art Of Scrubbing

Scrubbing Reduce White Heads

Gentle scrubbing from homemade products or the ones available in the market or using an exfoliation is one of the best things you can give to your skin. It not only removes the dead skin cells from the face and the body but also helps in unclogging the pores and thus gets rid of white heads.

Take steam before you start scrubbing your face, as it helps in opening up the pores and giving you far better results on the white heads. All you need is a tub of hot water. Cover the head with a towel and use it for 5 minutes before scrubbing.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of White Heads

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