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How To Treat Whiteheads

Ways To Treat Whiteheads

[toc]Among the innumerable problems of the skin, one of the common ones comes in the form of blackheads and whiteheads. This is one prevalent issue that is faced by millions of people around the globe. Whiteheads are basically accumulation of dirt, bacteria and oil in the pores that take the formation of heads and are like small bumps on the skin. These not only make the skin dull but also unattractive in appearance.

The bumps are small and round and white in color. These can occur in any part of the body especially the face, nose, back and chest. Blockages of the pores under the surface of the skin are what finally lead to whiteheads. The good news is that the problem can be treated easily by putting in a little effort. With some simple, safe and natural remedies you can easily get rid of whiteheads and make the skin attractive and flawless.

Herein, the guide below will help you a long way in getting the right results. All you need to do is make your pick and follow it on a routine basis to get visible and perfect outcomes. The ideas are well reviewed by professionals to make it extremely effective for the users.

8 Effective Ways To Treat Whiteheads

Cleanse Properly

Cleanse The Face For Whiteheads

One of the best ways to flush out the blockage and the whiteheads as a result is to cleanse the face daily with a mild face wash. This should be done by a product that suits your skin tone perfectly.

You can preferably use a face wash that is especially designed for treatment of white heads. This is to be followed twice everyday followed by moisturizing with a good moisturizer to get best results. It is one of the top notch ways in which you can treat whiteheads.

Application Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Whiteheads

All you need to do is dab a little of this beneficial liquid on a clean cotton ball and apply it on the affected area twice everyday. The anti bacterial properties of the liquid are going to help in clearing the blockage in the skin that led to whiteheads. Make sure you do this everyday until the problem subsides completely and make your skin free from whiteheads.

Drink Water In Good Amounts

Drink Water For Whiteheads

Water, plain and filtered is one of the best ways in flushing the toxins, dirt and oil not only from the body and the hair but also from the skin. This will clear up the blockages that lead to acne and white heads on the skin. About 8-10 glasses of water are recommended for perfect results and for the hydration of the skin.

You are bound to get flawless outcomes with this treatment. It has loads of other benefits for the skin as well and will keep it completely problem-free. On the other hand, you can include other healthy liquids like fresh fruit juices and herbal teas to boost the results further and faster.

Take Steam

Steam For Whiteheads

Steam is one of the easy methods in which the pores can be opened and the dirt and accumulated oil be cleaned conveniently. For the very same, you will need a tub of hot water that you need to face with the head covered with a clean towel.

The steam from the hot water will successfully cleanse the skin and treat the whiteheads on it. To make things easier for the user, nowadays simple steaming machines are available that are handy, cheap in cost and easy to use. This method will give you more than desired results if done at least once in a week.

Use A Facial Scrub

Facial Scrub For Whiteheads

Facial scrubs for various skin types are available in the market that cleans the dead skin cells as well as helps in cleansing the blocked pores. On the other hand, the same can also be prepared at home for natural and affordable exfoliation at home.

Strawberries for example are one of the best exfoliators that can be used on the skin as a mask to get a good scrub result. Rice flour or oats powder can also be used as a scrub at home to get good outcomes. This should be done once in 7 days to get the results that you crave for. It is a good method to treat whiteheads.

Have A Nutritious Diet

Fruits & Vegetables For Whiteheads

The aim should be healthy and nutritious diet that is full of nutrients good for the skin. This includes vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants. This is the reason why professionals ask the introduction of good amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables inn the diet along with whole grains and nuts.

Apart from this, the occurrence of whiteheads is mainly because of extra consumption of oily and fried foods as well as spicy and junk foods. Staying away from such categories of meals will automatically treat the whiteheads on the skin as well as prevent it from reoccurring. Also, stay away from those foods that actually tend to worsen your situation of whiteheads.

Oil Free Products Should Be Used

Choose Oil Free Products For Whiteheads

Since extra oil production from the skin is one of the major reasons for the blockage of the pores and occurrence of whiteheads, you can always move ahead and choose only those products that are oil free. This is going to gradually treat the whiteheads and also prevent it in the long run.

Water based or non-comedogenic products should be used and the skin should be properly cleaned of all the residues at the end of the day. This will cure the issue of whiteheads along with acne and blackheads as well.

Apply Tooth Paste

Toothpaste For Whiteheads

A little amount of toothpaste can be applied on the area where to find a white head. Make sure the quantity is very less and keep it away from the eyes. This is one of the best ways in which the white head will get treated on the skin.

This should be done whenever you find the problem occurring. This is a good remedy for white heads occurring on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

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