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How To Improve Sexual Vigour

[toc]Sexual vigour also known as sexual stamina is one situation in which a man or a woman should have good health. Stamina is one thing that defines the performance and affects the sexual experience for both men and women. Sexual vigour is something that can give you prolonged energy to last all night and have a memorable experience.

Sexual Vigour

However, a lot of people complain of low sexual vigour that on the other hand can be improved with some safe and simple remedies. By using the ideas below you will get visible outcomes in hand. The only requisite is to follow them on a routine basis to get going.

5 Ways To Improve Sexual Vigour

Saffron Massage

A good way to enhance the sexual vigour and also improve the sexual experience is to use a saffron massage. The fragrance of the oil is highly erotic and leads to great arousal. To improve the sexual vigour, one can use a daily massage of 15-20 minutes for best benefits.

Saffron threads can also be included in various food items to get the same benefits in hand. This should be followed for at least a month before you get visible outcomes.


Physical Activity

Another way of enhancing the sexual energy in men is to adhere to regular physical activity. As per the professionals, at least 30 minutes of exercise is important each day which can be in the form of walking, running, cycling, jogging, swimming or any other.

It helps in proper blood flow as well to the important sexual organs and improves the performance in bed. Apart from this, it regulates the body functions and gives the vitality that is required for some great sex.


Balanced Meal

Have energy giving foods to ensure that you have a strong sexual vigour. Along with this, it is important to have meals that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as well as lean proteins. This will make sure that the body functions properly and is fit and active.

As an additional benefit, where diet and meals are concerned, include some super foods to trigger the results for improved sexual vigour. These include blueberries, bananas, oysters, figs, garlic, peanuts, dark chocolate and more.


Raisins Benefits

Black raisins prove to be really helpful when it comes to improvement of sexual vigour. The raisins should be washed well using tepid water. These should now be boiled in milk for some time until and unless they are a little swollen. These sweet raisins should be consumed with the milk for the results on the vigour.

30 grams of these at least three times in a day with about 200 ml of milk each is advisable. It can be increased to 50 grams once you get used to it.


Dry Fruits Combo

Dry fruits especially dried dates are excellent choice to make where sexual vigour is concerned. Dried dates can be pounded and combined well with some good quality pistachios quince seeds and almonds and should be eaten daily for perfect outcomes on vigour. It also helps in improvement of sexual desires.


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