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5 Ways To Prevent Blood Clots

Ways To Prevent Blood Clots

[toc]Blood clots or Deep Vein Thrombosis develop in the deep veins of legs, arms and pelvis. They could cause symptoms like swelling, redness, inflammation and pain. Sometimes, the blood clot tends to dislodge from the wall of the vein and travel to any part of the body. If it gets stuck in the heart or brain, it could cause an ischemic attack or infarct which in common terms is called as a heart attack or stroke.

There are many natural ways in which you can easily prevent blood clots. People who are obese, cancer patients and people just coming out of a major surgery are more prone to blood clots. Here are a few ways to prevent blood clots from occurring:

5 Preventions For Blood Clots

Exercise Well

Exercise For Blood Clots

Blood clots occur when the blood flow is compromised in certain areas. If you go for regular walks and exercise your calf muscles, the blood flow to your legs will be maintained. If you keep moving your legs even while you are sitting, you can drastically prevent blood clots. Remaining active is an important requirement for prevention of blood clots.

Alternative Theories

Intake Alcohol For Blood Clots

Alcohol helps in reducing the chance of blood thickening and clots. Limit your alcohol intake to only one serving a day so that it would produce good results. Low dose aspirin can also help in reducing your chance of blood clots.

Take one dose of baby aspirin every day to keep your arteries clot free. It is known that people who consume aspirin on a daily basis have at least 40% reduced chances of getting blood clots.

Life Style Modifications

Stop Smoking

Eat healthy foods and mostly depend on fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid smoking because it increases the risk of thickening of blood vessels and formation of clots. Reduce stress in your daily life by practicing meditation, deep breathing and yoga every day. You must also be active in life and reduce weight if you are overweight or obese.

Active Ingredients

Cherries Reduce Blood Clots

The ingredient used in aspirin in salicylic acid. Consume foods that have natural salicylic acids like cherries, blackberries, plums, oranges, apricots, tomatoes and prunes. You could also include herbs like ginger, turmeric, thyme and paprika in your diet. When you reduce fatty food and increase fresh fruits and vegetables, you reduce the chances of formation of blood clots in a natural manner.

Other Foods

Omega 3 Fatty Acides For Blood Clots

Foods that contain blood thinning agents are very essential in preventing blood clots. These foods are rich in vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and etc. Some sources of omega 3 fatty acids include plant sources like corn oil and sunflower oil, and fish that are fatty in nature like sardines.

Vitamin E sources are oats, wheat, nuts and vegetable oils. Vitamin C supplements help to improve conditions like hypertension which in turn reduce the chance of clot formation. Other foods like garlic and gingko biloba can also be very helpful. If you choose to take blood thinning foods or aspirin tablets, check with your doctor first.

People who have a history of excessive bleeding are usually not prescribed to take such medications. It is important that you know your body before experimenting into the blind. Till then, you could stick to other remedies that will also be equally effective in preventing blood clots. Also, get your other levels like thyroid hormones, insulin levels and blood pressure checked from time to time.

How To Prevent Blood Clots

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