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How To Get Rid Of A Stye

Ways To Get Rid Of A Stye

[toc]Our eyelids have close to 100 oil glands near the lashes for constant lubrication of the eyes. When we rub the eyes bacteria can easily enter the oil glands. Leaving makeup on the face overnight, wearing unwashed contact lenses are also some instances where bacteria can easily enter the oil glands of the eyes.

The bacteria can create a swollen and irritating bump which is known as hordeolum or a stye. If a lot of oil glands get affected then there is a visible inflammation in the eye. This state of the eyes is also known as blepharitis which causes crusting and itchy eyes. The skin of the eyelids appears flaky and we experience sensitivity to light.

If these oil glands are blocked then it causes a cyst over or under the lashes which is popularly known as chalazation. You will have to remember that the stye is not life threatening and will disappear without the need of visiting a doctor.

8 Ways To Get Rid Of A Stye

Tea Bag

Tea Bag For A Stye

For this treatment you will have to immerse herbal tea bag in hot water. This is a very effective therapy and will help in reducing the stye to almost its half size. When the tea bag has absorbed the water completely you will have to remove it.

Shake the excess water from the tea bag and apply it on the affected areas of the eye for five minutes. You can carry out the compress with the tea bag several times daily to cure your infection.

Potato Paste

Potato Paste For A Stye

You will have to cook a potato by boiling or baking it till completely soft. Then mash this potato and make a paste. Take the potato paste in a clean cloth and hold it on the affected area.

The swelling, redness and inflammation will get reduced significantly. When mashing the potato you can also use some water till you get a paste tendency. You will have to apply this paste on top of your eyelids.


Parsley For A Stye

Wash a handful of parsley really well and get rid of the dirt and other particles. Boil some water and pour a few cups of it on the fresh herbs. You will have to let the water stand with the parsley for at least 10 minutes before you strain it.

You can soak a clean cloth in the fresh water and wring dry completely. Place the cloth on the stye and let it stand till it becomes cool. You can continue this therapy several times a day.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea For A Stye

You must drink dandelion tea at least twice daily. This is an excellent herb and will help you to get rid of the bacteria from the body that is causing this disease. You will have to boil one cup of water and then pour a teaspoon of dandelion powder in it.

Let the tea stay in for 5 minutes before you strain. Drink the tea while it is still hot. You can also use this tea to wash the affected area several times in one day. This will help in preventing further infection.

Proper Cleansing

Proper Cleansing For A Stye

If you have become infected with a stye then you must properly cleanse the area. First you will have to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Let the hot water running from the tap and wet a clean cloth in the hot water. Apply a drop or two of the baby shampoo on the wet cloth and rub to produce soap suds. Scrub your eyelids and inner lash line gently with this cloth.

You must not get soap directly into contact with the eye. When you rub the eye with baby shampoo your cornea can get irritated. Rinse the cloth really well with hot water and then rub it again over your lashes to clean the soap.

Dry your face completely with clean tissue or towel. You must clean your eyelids in the morning and evening before going to bed. This will help in getting rid of the stye. Proper cleansing will aid in cleaning the stye deposits on the eye.

Eye Drops

Eye Drops For A Stye

You will have to use turmeric if you want to reduce the stye on the eyelids naturally. You can make an eye drop by mixing 1 teaspoon of turmeric in two cups of water.

Boil this liquid and bring it into half the quantity. Drain the liquid through a muslin cloth and let it cool down. Take a dropper and apply the mixture in your eyelids three to four times daily.

Eye Wash

Eye Wash For A Stye

Take two granules of alum and dissolve it in water. This will help in making an eye wash for the stye. You can use this mixture to clean and cure the stye.

You can also make an eye wash with the help of coriander seeds. Boil a handful of coriander seeds in water and cool it down. Wash your eyelids with this mixture daily three to four times.

Eye Compress

Eye Compress For A Stye

You can place an aloe vera leaf on the affected area of the eyelid. This is a great way of getting rid of the stye. You will have to take a leaf and slit in from the middle. Then place the gel area on the stye to heal it completely. If you have cloves at home then it can be really helpful in the treatment of the stye at home. Dampen a clove in hot water and then apply it directly on the eyelid. You can also wrap the hot cloves in a clean cloth and compress the lids using it.

Cloves have a soothing effect and act as an antiseptic. This is mostly utilized in Chinese medicine. Cloves are readily available in supermarkets and herbal stores. Alternatively, you can also make a hot compress of the acacia leaves and guava leaves. You will have to boil these leaves in normal water. Take the hot water and then dampen a clean cloth and then compress the eyelid with that cloth. This will soothe the inflammation, redness, of the stye and will help in curing the disease effectively.

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