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How To Cure Jock Itch

[toc]The medical term of jock itch is known as tinea cruris. This is a fungal infection that normally affects the skin around inner thighs, buttocks and genitals. The main cause of this disease is perspiration and this is also the reason for such a popular name jock itch.Any human being can get affected with this ailment but it mostly affects people who are obese or overweight.

jock itch

The main symptoms of this disease are itchy skin, redness in the area and ring shaped rash. This is an embarrassing, painful and a frustrating disease which is not life threatening. Now, there are a lot of ways to alleviate the symptoms of this disease and also cure it easily.

10 Ways To Cure Jock Itch

Lavender Essential Oil

There are a lot of health experts who recommend treating the lavender oil for jock itch. This essential oil is rich in anti-fungal properties. If you are suffering from jock itch then you can mix one part of lavender essential oil with ten parts of jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil has similar properties and texture to the oils that are produced naturally by the skin. You will have to apply this oil mixture directly on the affected area of the body twice daily on the clean skin.

Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is herbal antifungal agent that will aid in killing the bacteria which causes jock itch. This essential oil is easily available in the cosmetic stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. You can also apply a gel or topical creams that have tea tree oil as its main ingredient.

If you are using the essential oil then you will just have to apply a few drops on the properly cleaned affected area. Before you wear your clothes make sure that the tea tree oil has been fully absorbed.

tea tree oil

Basic Care

If you are suffering from this disease then it is very important that you have a bath daily. You must regularly bath especially after the exercising routine. Always dry the areas properly that are most likely to get affected from jock itch. Thighs, genitals and buttocks must be cleaned dry daily.

Change your socks and under garments daily. Always use clean undergarments, handkerchief and towel. You must avoid sharing your personal accessories with other people. When you follow good hygiene, you will make sure that the disease does not reoccur.


Visit A Doctor

The natural and home remedies do help a lot in getting rid of the jock itch, but if the case persists after a week or two of the natural treatment, then it is time that you became serious and see a doctor.

The doctor will prescribe a topical antifungal cream or lotion for the treatment of the jock itch. The doctor can also prescribe oral antibiotics if the symptoms of the disease are severe and there is a bacterial infection.

consult doctor

Check Your Diet

If you are suffering from this disease then you would want to make certain alterations in your diet. You must cut down on the yeast intake in your diet. This is so because it is believed that yeast is the possible cause of the infection in most people.

Breads, bakery items, alcohol, and other processed foods are some items that you should avoid eating for some time. You must also cut down on the visit to your local gym or places where these areas might come in contact with the infection. This will help in stopping the spread of the disease.


Garlic And sterilization

Garlic is also known as herbal remedy for jock itch. You can take garlic supplements or eat fresh garlic during your meals. It only depends on if you can tolerate the smell of fresh garlic.

You must wash all your personal clothes and other items in hot water and never let them come into contact with other clothing. Always sterilize the exercise equipment and the shower area of the gym before using it.


Over The Counter Medications

You can always try and use the over the counter medications to treat jock itch. The anti-itching creams can always come to your rescue. These creams will cool down the area provide a soothing relief to your itch.

Corticosteroids are present in this cream that helps in reducing the rash and inflammation of the area. You must first clean the area properly with soap and water. Do not scrub your skin, because it will cause irritation. You must pat dry the skin gently and completely. Apply the cream on top of the rash properly and cover the area with this cream. Let this cream soak into your skin.


Anti-Fungal Medications

When you are suffering with jock itch you will have to remember that you are dealing with fungus on the skin and will require an anti-bacterial or anti fungal medication to kill this disease.

You can visit a doctor and get medicines prescribed or even use over the counter formulations. You can try over the counter medications in the beginning to cure the disease unless you have a bad immunity system.



If you are suffering from jock itch then you will have to keep the area absolutely dry at all times. This is the key to prevent it and also kill the bacteria.

Always use an unscented powder that will dry the skin moisture which accumulates during any activity, exercise, or hot weather. Put a little powder on the affected area and dust your undergarment with the powder before you wear it. This will help you stay dry most of the time.


Salt Bath

A good and easy way to cure the jock itch is to take a salt bath. You can mix a generous amount of table salt in the bath water and soak in it for at least 15 minutes or much longer.

This will give time to the salt to penetrate in your skin and heal the infection. The salt will draw the toxins and liquid from the infection and help in drying up and clearing of the rash easily. You will have to repeat this therapy twice or thrice daily.


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