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5 Effective Home Remedies For Styes

5 Effective Home Remedies For Styes

Styes are generally caused by bacteria which inflame the sebaceous glands located near the base of the eyes. Styes usually look like pimples but it should not be squeezed or pierced as the bacteria might spread all over the eyes and can become very serious. Styes are the very common form of eye infection which can affect anybody and of any age group. It can occur either inside or outside of the eyelid.

Styes are extremely painful and usually cause a great deal of discomfort. Never fiddle or try to squeeze as it might get worse and also never rub your eyes because you can also easily spread the infection to your other eye as well. Styes should never be neglected and treated immediately. Rather than using eye drops or creams it is always better to follow effective home remedies in order to cure styes completely.

5 Best Home Remedies For Styes

1. Apply Green Tea Bag Compress

Green tea bag compress is a very effective home remedy for curing styes. The tannic acid present in the green tea acts as medicine to cure styes. Take a warm green tea bag and apply on the sty as many times as possible during the day. Apply this compress for at least 5 – 10 minutes each time as the warm compress would soften the sty and help it to cure completely.

Apply Green Tea Bag Compress

2. Apply Hot Compress

The hot compress is the simplest and the most effective home remedy to cure styes. The hot compress definitely helps to cure the swelling, pain as well as the infection to a considerable extent.

Apply the compress with as much as warmth as you can bear as this would help to cure the infection faster. After the compress clean the eyes gently with a piece of soft and clean cotton cloth. Try and apply the hot compress as many times as possible during the day as this is one of the best ways to cure styes.

Hot Compress

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3. Clean Your Eyes At Regular Intervals

Clean your eyes at regular intervals throughout the day as it is the best way to cure styes faster. Stye generally thrives in dirt, so the most successful way to cure stye is to eliminate as much dirt as possible by keeping the eyes clean.

Use a soft cotton cloth and gently clean the root of your eyelashes at regular intervals as this would reduce the infection and would also cure the infection faster.

Clean Your Eyes At Regular Intervals

4. Apply Aloe Vera Juice

The juice of the aloe vera plant is also very effective for curing styes. Squeeze the juice as much as possible from the aloe vera plant and mix it with a little water keeping in proportion with the amount of juice. Then apply this mixture gently on the sty at least three times a day and you would see remarkable results in a very short time.

Aloe Vera Juice

5. Apply Home Made Calendula Flower Lotion

Apply homemade calendula flower lotion in order to cure styes completely. Take a tablespoon of calendula flower and mix it with a cup of water and boil it for half an hour. After boiling is completed you would see that a lotion has been generated.

Apply this lotion gently on the stye and you would see that the sty would be cured very fast. This calendula lotion is regarded as one of the most effective home remedies to cure styes naturally. Follow these effective natural home remedies effectively to cure styes completely.

Apply Home Made Calendula Flower Lotion


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