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The Different and Useful Natural Cures For Styes

[toc]A sty can be extremely unsightly and uncomfortable even though it’s just a small red bump that occurs on the root of an eyelash. When an infection causes blockage in a gland at the root of an eyelash, the sty will occur. Pain and discomfort is associated with it because the gland turns red and becomes swollen. The sty may eventually fill with pus and come to a head.


There are a variety of reasons why a sty can occur such as constant and frequent rubbing of the eyes or use of old mascara. However, it tends to go away after a few days and is typically innocuous. Nonetheless, it is best to consult an eye doctor in the case where the sty is actually getting worse. Listed below are some of the great home remedies that can be tried out for dealing with an eye sty:

11 Natural Cures For Styes


Warm compresses should be used. This is because circulation is improved with heat and white blood cells that aid in fighting off infections will be drawn to the area as the skin near the gland is warmed. Take warm water as much as it can be tolerated and wring a washcloth in it.

The skin in the eye area is highly sensitive so hot water should be avoided. For five minutes, place the cloth on the eyelid. Keep the washcloth hot by running it through warm water several times. Repeat it twice or thrice daily.

Eye Compress

Makeup Hygiene

Good lid hygiene should be practiced. Use mild soap or diluted baby shampoo on a washcloth or cotton ball for washing the roots of the lashes daily for preventing sty. The skin will not get dry excessively or sting if Cetaphil, an over-the-counter cleanser is used.


Clean the Sty

The sebaceous gland becomes infected with bacteria because of debris, dirt and other fecal matter that causes sty. The sty should be cleaned first thing in order to eliminate the root of the infection.

clean eyes

Coriander Seeds

A coriander seed wash should be used. For an hour, coriander seeds should be soaked in water and then strained. The water left behind should be used for washing the eye. The swelling of the sty can be reduced with the properties in the seeds.

Coriander Seeds


The outside of the eye can be applied with a paste made from mashed potatoes. Instead of applying directly on the sty, it’s best to apply on the outside of the eyelid. The sty will drain more quickly as it will be able to dry out and swelling will also be relieved with this treatment. The potato shouldn’t get in your eye though.


Fish Oil

A number of skin conditions can be treated with the omega fatty acids in fish oil. Fish oil capsules should be taken if people are prone to sties. The healing time will be speeded up and frequency of sty will reduce.

Fish Oil

Guava Leaf

A compress of guava leaf should be used. Swelling and pain caused by sty can be reduced with this home remedy. Use warm water for wetting guava leaves and for 10 minutes, apply them to the eyes. The juice can also be used in this reference.

Guava Leaf

Tea Bags

Cool and warm water tea bags can be used. Use cool or warm water for wetting the tea bags and get rid of excess water by squeezing them. Thrice a day, apply the tea bags to the eyes for 10 minutes. The size of the sty can be reduced with tannic acid in the tea.

tea bags

How To Get Rid Of A Stye
Effective Home Remedies For Styes

Cool Cucumbers

A natural soothing effect can be found in cucumbers. The sty cannot be cured or treated with them, but the pain can be eased and inflammation can be reduced with them. A cold cucumber should be put on the eye for 20 minutes for achieving quick relief. The pain will be numbed for an hour.



The swelling and pain can be minimized and the infection can be drawn out with the lactic acid in milk. A washcloth should be soaked in whole milk and applied onto the sty a couple of times daily. The healing process will also be boosted with it and the pain associated with sty can also be eased.


Aloe Leaves

Sties often give rise to a burning sensation, which can be alleviated with aloe as it’s known to have a cooling effect on the skin. However, the sty may burn and become irritated if it is applied directly to it. Instead, people should use a warm compress first and then apply a cool aloe leaf to the eye.

Aloe Vera

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