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How To Prevent Hepatitis

[toc]HepatitisHepatitis is actually caused due to different things and therefore it can be very difficult to write about specific pointers and prevention measures. But there are certain basic strategies that a normal person can follow for decreasing the risk towards this disease.

The liver is one of the main sources of power in the human body. This organ aids in proper processing of the nutrients and digesting the medications. Liver also helps in cleaning the toxic waste of the human body.Hepatitis actually means inflammation of the liver. This is a serious condition and can be caused by a lot of things that also includes a bacterial infection, toxins or low immunity.

But normally, hepatitis is caused by a virus. The three most common virus of hepatitis are A, B, C. The rarer forms of the hepatitis virus are D, and E. The hepatitis virus can also mutate and this actually makes it hard for the human body to fight the virus as they change with time. But, below are some tips that will take you through this disease if it is detected early.

Preventions For Hepatitis


VaccinationPresently, vaccination can only protect a person against the hepatitis A and B virus. The above mentioned hepatitis infection is caused due to virus and it can be prevented easily with reasonable vaccination around the world.

Vaccination can be administered to anyone who is interested but it must be administered to those who are the highest risk of exposure. But there is still no vaccine available for hepatitis C.

Immune Globulin

Immune GlobulinIf you have been recently exposed to the hepatitis virus then you can take immune globulin. This is actually popular as IG. It is a potent collection of pure antibodies that gives you immediate protection against the viral disease hepatitis.

This is specially for meant for those who have been exposed to this virus. It actually implies to those people also that are travelling abroad to different countries where the hepatitis infection rate is high. Now, IG actually comprises of antibodies and once this is injected in a person the immunity system of the body starts working towards the protection of the body against these viruses.

This is a different kind f vaccination and this medicine requires time to encourage the body’s immunity system for the production of the desired antibodies. It is apparent that people who get IG administered will be completely protected from this disease but there are times when it just helps in the reduction of the duration and seriousness of the disease. One can also get IG administered in combination with another vaccine.

Wash Your hands

Wash HandsWe have entered the modern era of technology, but we have also forgotten the simplest rule of life. The best protection against most of the germs and illness is to properly wash your hands whenever it gets spoilt.

By doing this simple activity you will actually help yourself in lowering the risk of hepatitis A infection. This is because the hepatitis A virus spreads through the oral-fecal rute in our body.The virus can enter human body through the mouth and due to something that must have come into contact with the faeces of the infected person.Now, since this virus spreads only through hands, a person with regular hand washing cycle will never fall for this prey. This virus can also be spread by people who do not wash hands after toilet and prepare meals.

Now, this can easily affect a small family where the hepatitis infected teenager prepares breakfast for their parents. Or it can also infect the entire community if you eat at a restaurant where meal is prepared by the infected chef. The bigger outbreaks do get the media attention because a lot of people get exposed and the public is taken to the IG clinics by the health department. The necessity here is to make the food handlers consistently wash their hands while preparing a meal.

Do Not Use Used Needles

Avoid Used NeedlesReusing the needles can be dangerous as it will increase the risk of you getting infected with many diseases like hepatitis B and C. there is a strong risk of developing other diseases as well, therefore you must not use the illegal intravenous drugs.

There are drugs which will need shooting up, or other items like snorting straws etc. which can get contaminated with the blood. The hepatitis B and C infection is usually caused by the virus that comes in straight contact with infected blood or body fluid. This happens in such a way that the virus comes in direct contact and get inside your body.

This can happen through a small cut in your skin or a puncture of a needle.This is a very interesting fact that the people working in the health care department are at a higher risk of contracting the disease. This is especially for those people who work closely with the needles due to a needle stick injury. If you have a needle stick injury then you must wash it off with soap and water.

Safe Sex

CondomThe hepatitis B and C can also spread through a sexual contact with the person who is suffering from this disease. You must therefore use proper condoms always.

This will effectively reduce the risk contracting the infection. You can also maintain a monogamous relationship if you want to avoid contracting this disease.

Do Not Share Your Personal Items

Avoid Sharing RazorsIf you have any personal thing that is contaminated with blood then you must not share it with others as it increases the risk of the spreading the infection of hepatitis B and C. Razors and toothbrushes must not be shared at any cost, these are mostly infected with a person’s blood and must not be shared ever.

You must try and use your own personal items at all times. You must remember that hugging or holding hands of the infected person will never spread this disease.

Handle Body Fluids With Gloved Hands

GlovesIf you wear gloves when handling body fluids like blood will then you will reduce the risk of contracting the disease of hepatitis B and C. an intact skin is the best defence against the virus but a small wound or cut is enough for you to contract this disease. Therefore, always keep your wounds covered. Always keep latex gloves at your home.

Do Not Eat Contaminated Food Or Water

Hepatitis A virus can easily spread through your mouth. Therefore you must take care of what you are eating, which place, the hygiene level of the area and kitchen etc. if you know that the person cooking is infected then it is always better to stay away from food.

If you are travelling to a new place then you should only eat at restaurants that have good hygiene level of cooking. Unaware travellers are mostly infected with the virus due to shabby eating and water troubles in the area. You must also take care of where you visit the restroom in public this is because in most of the underdeveloped countries the public toilets still do not maintain a good level of hygiene.