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How To Prevent Stretch Marks

[toc]Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in the life of a woman. However, along with the immeasurable happiness and joy of giving birth to a new life, pregnancy brings along with itself a lot of changes in the body. One of the visible changes on the skin that is quite a common one is that of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks

This is a term that most of the people are aware of. These are in simple words ugly lines on the body that usually forms because of the stretched skin. It usually occurs in the abdomen and the hip area of a woman when she is pregnant. According to researchers, the peak time when a woman will face stretch marks is the second and the third trimester of pregnancy.

Where on one hand women start looking for cures as soon as they realize the stretch marks on their body, on the other, the best way is to prevent them and control them. As the famous saying goes, preventing the problem is always better than the cure. These simple ideas and tips below will actually help you out in reaching the goals without much effort and keep stretch marks at bay. Check them out and incur in the routine for ideal outcomes: –

7 Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks

Diet That Helps

As we famously know it, diet plan is one of the best remedies as well as the best preventions for any crisis. The same is valid for stretch marks where a skin nourishing diet from day one of pregnancy will definitely help you in keeping the ugly marks away.

Along with having a balanced diet that is full of nutrients and is really beneficial for your baby, you should also try and include those foods in particular that helps in improving the elasticity of the skin and good health of the same. This will definitely prevent the stretch marks.

Some of the best foods examples are antioxidant rich foods like berries, spinach and other fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamin E rich foods like nuts, broccoli, avocados and more that gives protection to the cell membranes of the skin and vitamin A rich foods that are known for repairing the tissues. These include bell peppers, carrots and mango. Omega 3 fatty acid foods like oysters, fish and fish oil are also helpful here.


Hydration Is Very Important

Keeping the body and the skin hydrated has a lot of benefits attached to it. Apart from cleansing the system from toxins and dirt, it helps in making the skin supple, soft and elastic. The best you can do here is to adhere to about 8-10 glasses of plain and filtered water each day.

This will definitely help in preventing stretch marks beyond your expectations. This should be followed from day one of pregnancy itself. Along with this, you can easily stick to 1-2 cups of herbal teas each day for the same goal achievement.

It has a dual benefit of hydration as well as providing antioxidants to the body. Try and stay away from caffeine since it dehydrates. Fresh fruit juices and coconut water can also help in this regard and give you a reason to smile again. These are really advantageous for the baby as well.


Magic Of Exercise

Another of the efficient ways in which you can really get wonderful results for prevention of the stretch marks is that of exercising during pregnancy. This is one of the best ways in which you can retain the elasticity of the skin. This happens because of the improved blood circulation that usually happens because of routine exercises.

It will also keep the weight in check and thus limit the stretching of the skin that leads to the marks. The exercises should be a part of the daily regimen if you want visible results. Stretches and kegel exercises along with simple movements are some of the best ideas that you can follow. Yoga can also prove to be very helpful here in giving good outcomes.


Gain Weight Slowly

Another of the major issue that causes stretch marks is when you gain weight instantly. This leads to those ugly marks on the skin that you always dreaded. The best you can do here is to gain weight but then make it a gradual process.

Herein, you should definitely take in more calories than you used to but make sure it’s not double the amount. Cravings are good but try and satisfy them with healthy and fat free appetizers rather than ice-creams and cookies. These are some of the ways to keep a check on the weight.

manage weight

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Lotions and creams that have a high level of chemicals or body soaps of the same genre is something that will dry out the skin faster and negatively affect the skin elasticity. This is something that will make the skin more prone to stretch marks. Make sure you use nourishing and herbal products on the skin for that matter. This is going to help you prevent the marks.


Moisturizing Is Significant

Moisturizing the skin especially the belly area with natural products like cocoa butter will really help you in getting soft, supple and elastic skin. This is one of the best ways to follow where an aim of keeping the marks at bay is concerned. Make sure you follow this tip strictly at least twice everyday. Use natural or organic products for the purpose.

For maximum benefits, you can massage the moisturizer into the skin. This will ensure proper absorption of the liquid and give you far better results. A massage glove can also be used for the same to make the process easier.

Massage with Moisturizer

Sunscreen Lotion Helps

Make sure you use a good quality sunscreen lotion on the skin. This is valid for the belly, the sides and the chest. It also includes any of the area that is prone to stretch marks. The rays of the sun are only not damaging for the skin but also dry it out. Sunscreen lotions will protect this and prevent stretch marks. This will provide complete protection.


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