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7 Ways To Prevent Strokes

Ways To Prevent Strokes

[toc]Recently heart strokes have become the major reason for death among men and women in many areas of the world. There are many factors that can cause strokes such as what you eat, your genes and how much effort you take to keep yourself healthy. Finding out perfect ways to prevent heart disease has been the top priority of many researchers.

Heart strokes is caused when fatty deposits form along the walls of the blood vessels that lead to your heart, the blood vessels slowly narrow down to cause heart disease. Heart stroke is a very serious disease.Few ways by which you can prevent such a serious disease includes the following. Make sure you incur in the daily routine to get best results: –

7 Various Prevention For Strokes

Promoting Positive Mood

Positive Mood To Prevent Strokes

Having a smile on your face always can help you a lot. Spend your time with your loved ones. You can join those laughter sessions that encourage you to laugh every day.

Try consulting specialists that can encourage you to live a positive life. These experts can make a huge difference in your life. Having a positive attitude can effectively help you to prevent heart strokes.

Avoid All Tobacco Products

Stop Smoking

Smoking can no doubt increase your chance of death. If you are currently not having this habit then make sure that you don’t develop it in future. Try looking for appropriate ways to quit smoking.

There are many centres that will help you to quit smoking. You can even try those chewing gums that will prevent you from smoking.You should even stay away from smokeless tobacco products because these also contain nicotine which is known to increase the risk of strokes.

Exercise On Regular Basis

Make sure that you engage in some type of physical exercise for at least thirty to forty five minutes per day. This will surely help you to lower your chances of developing any kind of heart disease. Regular exercising will help you to keep your weight at the appropriate level which can help you to reduce all chances of developing diseases which might lead to heart diseases such as high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, etc.

We all know that the major reason for heart strokes is the stress level. Exercising can even reduce your stress level and thus elevating stress will help you a lot to prevent attack.Making tiny changes will help you a lot. Going for a walk for 10 minutes during the break, using the staircase instead of elevator and walking to the bus stop to pick your child instead of driving can make a great difference and can save your life.

Having A Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet To Prevent Strokes

You should make sure that you eat food that is low in cholesterol, fat and salt. Try including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products low in fat and whole grains to your dietary chart to protect you heart. You can even try consuming beans, certain types of fish and other low fat sources of protein to prevent heart attack.

Fats are known to increase cholesterol levels so try limiting these products such as coconut palm oils, red meat, margarines, snack foods already packed from beforehand, etc.Following a heart healthy diet plays a very important role and this also includes eliminating alcohol. Even if you drink alcohol, drink at moderate levels so that it does not increase your chances of heart strokes.
Adding flax seeds to your diet can also help you because these can help you to lower your cholesterol levels. You can sprinkle these seeds on oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce or you can even add these to your smoothies and salads.

Power Naps

Sleep Properly To Prevent Strokes

Many researchers have found that just thirty minute power naps can help you a lot to prevent any heart disease. In today’s hectic world people hardly get time to sleep properly. It has been suggested that getting about 8 hours of sleep every night is very important but hardly anyone has time to sleep for such a long time.

Poor sleep can have adverse effects on your blood pressure. Too much of sleep also has its own negative effects. So try staying in the eight hour range to prevent heart strokes.

Having A Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight To Prevent Strokes

Obesity or overweight is known to increase cardiovascular disease. Maximum people are suffering from obesity these days. Don’t think that your weight has increased because of the muscle rather it has increased because of the fats that you have consumed.

Excess weight leads to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and in turn increases your chances of heart diseases. To check your weight try calculating your body mass index which can help you in determining whether you have a healthy weight or not.

Many researchers feel that when the waist of men increases beyond 40 inches they are considered overweight and in case of women if it crosses 35 inches they are considered overweight.
Even a very small decrease in weight can make a huge difference. Lowering your weight by just 10 percent can reduce your risk of suffering from any kind of heart disease.

Health Check Ups

Health Check Ups To Prevent Strokes

Regular check-ups also play a very important role. High cholesterol and high blood pressure can damage your heart to a great extent and without testing you cannot know whether you are having these problems or not. It has been advised to go in for regular screening to know your numbers so that you can take proper preventive steps.

One should get your blood pressure checked at least at a gap of two years. Go in for regular check-ups if your numbers are not ideal or safe. Less than 120/80 millimetres of mercury is said to be the optimal level. After the age of 20 you should get your cholesterol levels checked once every five years to reduce your risk factors. You can even go in for diabetes check-up if is hereditary. Following the above mentioned measures can help you a lot but if your disease is serious try consulting a doctor without delaying anymore.