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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

[toc]Those irritating creatures on you bed. Have you ever wondered what are they and how they are harming you. They are bed bugs. They are small wingless parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood of warm blooded animals especially human beings. They are called bed bugs as they usually reside in our homes on the sofas and beds. They have become a great problem in our lives. They are only about a quarter inch in size and it is not very easy to see them.They find shelter in our homes very easily through old furniture and beddings. Sometimes even when the house is vacant and clean these bugs creep in through the hollows in the walls.

It is because they can survive without food for a long time. They are such tiny creatures that we do not even know that they are sleeping with us on our beds. We only get to know when we see small red bumps on our skin which appeared when you were asleep. The bed bugs attack their hosts mostly when their hosts are asleep. At this time they can get their food easily without any pain as they host is completely unaware of what is happening. They inject a small amount of saliva into their host’s skin and suck the blood.

The bite of a bed bug causes a lot of irritation. The anesthetic which is present in the bed bugs saliva causes an allergic reaction due to which the red bumps appears. They often look very similar to mosquito bites, but lasts longer. Bed bugs do not transmit any diseases although they suck in the blood by biting into the skin but infections can occur on the skin as a result of scratching. Usually bed bugs bites resolves within a week or two. Measures should be taken to remove them to avoid allergic reactions and infections.Some simple measures that can be taken to remove them from our lives.

7 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Do Not Panic

Do Not Throw Away The Things

At the first place you have to be sure that you have bed bugs in your house and not any other insect before starting on any treatments. Eliminating bed bugs is not an easy task but it is possible to get rid of them.

Do not throw away any of your things immediately. Taking such an hasty decision can be very expensive. The good news is that most of those things can be treated and saved.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaning Reduce Bed Bugs

When you clean the house with a vacuum cleaner it helps you in removing the bed bugs. Vacuuming removes dust, bed bugs, and small objects that bed bugs use as their shelter. Vacuuming thoroughly will also help you locate possible areas where bed bugs are hiding.

You must vacuum each corner of the house so that there is no place for the bed bugs to reside. You must vacuum the floor, furniture, mattresses, curtains and all the corners that is reachable through a vacuum nozzle. Be careful when you empty the thrash from the vacuum cleaner. Put all the thrash in a disposable bag and throw it in the dustbin properly and make this cleaning effort a success.

Use Clean Fabrics

Cleaning The Fabrics Reduce Bed Bugs

The horrible insects drinking your blood may be also dwelling in your own clothes. Always take out time to wash and try your clothes and also your bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains. In fact you should wash everything that is washable as these blood sucking insects can find home anywhere.

Remember to keep wash and unwashed items separately. These bed bugs are very sensitive to heat. So if the fabrics are washed in warm water and dried properly in bright sunlight it is difficult for them to find their ways into such fabrics. But also remember to check if this kind of washing and drying will not spoil the fabric.

Take Help From Professionals

Help From Professionals For Bed Bugs

Treating bed bugs is sometimes very complex and not possible for us to treat them on our own. So we need to hire professionals. Hiring a professional for treating the bed bugs is one of the most effective and fastest ways to treat the bed bugs. Hire a person from a reputed company who has good knowledge about treating the pests and
using pesticides.

So that you get results and the money is worth spending. These professionals will use non-chemical or chemical treatments as per the demand of the situation. They will at first inspect your house and try to find the places where the bed bugs are hiding and then they will treat them with pesticides.

Seal The Cracks

Sealing The Cracks Reduce Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can easily creep into your homes through the small holes and cracks on the wall. You must seal all the cracks and crevices properly to prevent them from finding their way back into your home.

Seal all the corners, the small holes which you can find on the floor, ceiling, the surrounding of the pipe entering your home from the outside. It will also help you to make your maintenance treatments easier.

Avoid Cluttering

Stop Cluttering For Bed Bugs

A cluttered place provides more hiding and breeding place to the bed bugs. This makes it more difficult for you to locate them and treat them.

Dispose all unnecessary items from the house and organize your home to avoid making dwelling places for these bugs and making your cleaning the house easier. Practicing this will make bed bug treatments more affective.

Spray Insecticide

Spraying Insecticide Reduce Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have the ability to squeeze into the smallest of places. You must spray insecticide onto all areas where bed bugs may be present. It is not enough to treat the bugs but also prevent re-infestation. Bed bugs can easily come back into your homes if you do not take proper preventive measures.

While cleaning the householditems like the sofa, bed, table, cupboards etc., spray some insecticide on each of the items and then clean it with a cloth. Specially cover the areas which are usually covered with some objects like show pieces, vases etc.

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