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How To Prevent Yeast Infection In Women

[toc]Yeast infection is a common problem amongst women but it is very rarely dangerous. Most women are aware of this fact but they cannot deny that the infection is downright annoying and painful and once you have had it first, it keeps on showing up again.

Yeast Infection

Research shows that women spend a considerable amount of money on over the counter medications for yeast infection.In order to decrease the probability of this expense, women can take some preventative measures through which the infection would not occur in the first place.

Discussed here are some tips for preventing yeast infection in the long run. Hygiene and personal care can go a long way when it comes to preventing this particular infection. These will definitely help you avoid and prevent yeast infection-

11 Tips To Prevent Yeast Infection In Women

Wash Well

Not only will you smell fresh when you keep the vagina clean but it will also reduce the possibility of developing yeast infection.

Yeast is likely to grow in the inside folds of the vagina and they should be cleaned when bathing. Try and use a mild cleanser, which is meant specifically for these areas. It helps in combating yeast, along with fighting other bacteria too.


Dry Thoroughly

After taking a shower or a bath, it is vital to dry the entire vaginal area properly because yeast simply thrives in moist environments. In order to get rid of excess moisture, you can even use a blow dryer which is set on a very low setting. Remember that humid conditions are a home for all kinds of yeast infections.

If your vaginal or genital area is wet, then the chances of the yeast multiplying and growing are very high. So wipe using a clean cloth or tissue, post baths and urination.


Attire is also very important in preventing the yeast infection from taking room. Your risk of developing infection can be affected by the way you dress.These dressing tips can be helpful to prevent yeast infection:


Wear Natural Fabrics

Silk and cotton underwear can keep you dry because they absorb moisture. As opposed to these materials, the growth of yeast is encouraged by nylon and other synthetic fabrics which hold moisture close to the skin.

Synthetic materials do not let the skin breathe, neither do they allow any kind of absorption. Thus, this paves the way to a breeding ground for yeast and related infection. So ensure that the clothes, especially undergarments that you wear are not synthetic but pure or organic cotton.

cotton underwear

Change Your Clothes

Change immediately if you are wearing a wet bathing suit or sweaty gym clothes. Dry clothes should be put on as soon as possible and dampness can be prevented by changing your underwear.

Changing the undergarments at least twice a day helps you to maintain better hygiene.Even if yeast and fungus enters the garment, changing and regular washing helps in preventing them from growing and thus becoming a full fledged infection.

change clothes

Be Wary Of Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products are also a known cause of yeast infection and women can stay safe by:

Not douching

Using liquid to wash out the inside of the vagina or douching will destroy most of the good bacteria and very little of the harmful bacteria. The natural protective lining of the vagina is also washed away by douching and this makes the vagina susceptible to yeast infection.

An alternative here would be to use gentle soaps, as mentioned above, which are made from natural ingredients and contain minimum chemicals. This will ensure that the PH balance of the area is maintained.


Avoid Cosmetics In The Area

Avoiding feminine sprays, scented soaps and bubble baths: Your risk of getting yeast infection is further increase by perfumes which are irritating for the sensitive area inside the vagina.

Dyes are also irritating so printed or colored toilet paper should be avoided. Likewise, scented pads and tampons have the same effect. You should try and use natural products here and wash frequently with natural oils to prevent smell or other similar discomforts.


Use Lukewarm Or Cold Water

Limiting the heat, Warm and moist environments prove to be thriving for yeast organisms. Soaking in a hot tub for long or long hot baths are therefore not recommended.

Tight and fitted clothes should also be avoided as they prevent air from circulating the crotch area particularly in summer and create heat. Let your genital area breathe or else the humid environment will lead to further growth of yeast.

warm water

Restrict Medications

Medications also need to be watched when you wish to prevent yeast infections. Keep the following tips in mind like noting down the ingredients in the medications you take. This is vital because sometimes, not only bad bacteria but also good bacteria are killed by antibiotics.

Good bacteria are responsible for preventing overgrowth of yeast. Your risk of the infection is increased due to birth control pills or oral steroids. Alternatives are available for some medications so you can consult a doctor.Personal care tips can prevent yeast infections just like in the case of most illnesses and health problems. These include a mix of factors like-


Diet Changes

Change your diet. Studies have shown that high sugar amounts encourage the growth of yeast and thus sugar intake should be limited.

Some food items provide good bacteria to the body so their intake should be increased such as garlic and yogurt. Have more of water so that the area stays cool internally. Have more of fluids including juices and soups, which help boost immunity.


Get Ample Sleep

Sleeping well is very important for you. Studies show that women who sleep more tend to get less yeast infections. Yeast control is the job of the immune system but your immune system might give out if you skimp on your sleep. So the rest is needed for the body to help in fighting infections.

These are just some of the simple available alternatives to prevent yeast infections and also avoid their recurrence in the long run!


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