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8 Ways To Treat A Frozen Shoulder

Ways To Treat A Frozen Shoulder

[toc]Frozen shoulder is a very painful experience. In medical terminology it is also known as adhesive capsulitis. This disease takes place when a person experiences pain and trouble in moving their shoulder. This disease can occur right after an injury, or in relation to other diseases like Parkinson’s and diabetes.

There are three stages in this disease. The first stage is slow onset of stiffness and pain in shoulders. Second stage relates to more of stiffness and less pain. The last stage is slow easing of pain and stiffness. Below are certain ways to alleviate the immediate condition of a frozen shoulder.

8 Various Treatments For Frozen Shoulder

Visit a Doctor

Visit A Doctor For A Frozen Shoulder

You must consult the doctor at the outset of this disease. You have to understand that home remedies will not be able to completely cure it.

The doctor will recommend you to take anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen will all aid in reducing the pain of the affected area. There are some cases where the doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal medicines.

Home Massager

Home Massager For A Frozen Shoulder

If you want to relax the muscles then buy a home massager and use it over the frozen area. This will prevent the chemicals from further spreading into the shoulder joints. It will prevent a further inflammation.

You will have to get a gentle massage on your shoulders and the affected area. The massage will encourage the circulation and also alleviate the pain. You should stop the massage if you experience pain at any point of time.

Tens Device

Tens Device For A Frozen Shoulder

If you are suffering from acute pain and stiffness in the shoulders then your doctor might just suggest you to use a TENS Device.

This is an electrical device and it provides stimulation to the affected area activating the opioid receptors in nervous system. It thus helps in alleviating the pain of that area.

Rice Methodology

Ice Compression For A Frozen Shoulder

As soon as you get to know that you are suffering from frozen shoulder you must begin the RICE methodology. This therapy will help them in reducing the swelling and stiffness of the region.

The description of RICE is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You will have to follow the steps in the written order to the heart and you will definitely notice the difference. You must provide proper rest to your body after you get afflicted with this disease.

Then you will have to alternate with the Ice pack and hot compression therapy. For example, 20 minutes of Ice rub and then 20 minutes of heat compression. The ice will aid in reducing the swelling of the area and the heat will stimulate your nerves and circulation of blood.

Frozen Pea Compression

Frozen Pea Compression

If you do not want to use an ice pack you can also use the pack of frozen peas from your refrigerator. This is the convenience of sitting at home! The peas bag will be able to adapt to the shoulder area easily. You can use it as many times you want by just re-chilling the bag in the freezer compartment.

The compression that you give to the affected area will actually help in alleviating the swelling all the more. It will also aid in healing this disease quickly. If you want to move abut in the house then you must cover your shoulder proper with an ACE bandage and then move about. When you are resting, you must make sure that the shoulder region is always kept elevated so that the swelling reduces.

You must not apply an ice pack or a hot compress directly on the skin. The doctors and health experts are against doing such an activity. Always use a towel on your skin before applying the pack. Do not smoke. You should stay away from tobacco as far as possible. Smoking will decrease the flow of blood and will put a barrier in your healing procedure. In addition you can also use ice pack on the affected area that will help in reducing the inflammation. It will also numb the area and minimize the pain.

Exercising And Strengthening

Exercising For A Frozen Shoulder

The proper treatment of frozen shoulder will require a physical therapy. But you can also do some stretching exercises at home for faster healing. This will help you to alleviate the stiffness of the shoulder joints.

You can just perform simple stretches so that the shoulder muscles are given a work out of the entire range of motion.If you try to keep your shoulder flexible and move your joint often it will aid in speedy recovery from this disease. When you keep the disturbed shoulder and arm in proper movement it helps in increasing the blood circulation in the region and thereby decreases the swelling further.

When your pain disappears completely and the shoulder is moving in full range then you can slowly begin the resistance exercises at home as they will provide strength to the shoulder muscles.

Heat Compresses

Heat Compresses For A Frozen Shoulder

Hot therapy will help in relaxing the muscles and reducing the shoulder pain due to frozen shoulder. You must apply a warm cloth or heat bag several times in a day. You can use a heat pad when you go to sleep at night.

When relaxing on bed you can always take a warm compress and apply it on your shoulders. Do not use a heating pad on bed while sleeping as it can lead to accidental injuries if you fall asleep and the pad is left switched on!


Supplements For A Frozen Shoulder

There are some supplements for your daily diet if you are suffering from frozen shoulder. These supplements aid in reducing inflammation and pain of the area. You must visit a health expert or the doctor who is looking after your disease at first before you buy a health supplement.

You can add fish oil, cod liver oil and glucosamine to your daily diet. You must find the best dosage according to the degree of your disease, age and other medical history.

Cortisone Shots

Cortisone Shots For A Frozen Shoulder

In the end you can also consider taking the cortisone shots if the pain and inflammation does not reduce in a specific time period. But before you do so, always consult your doctor for advice on these painful shots.

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