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Top 5 Natural Cures For Frozen Shoulder

Natural Cure To Frozen Shoulder

[toc]Frozen shoulder or the pain and inflammation experienced in the shoulder joints restricting the free mobility of arms is an age related disorder. Overstressing the shoulder joint muscles due to a prolonged physical activity like free stroke swimming can also give rise to frozen shoulders. Wear and tear of the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder joints and drying of the fluids leads to this painful disorder.

People suffering from diabetes, stroke, arthritis and heart and lung diseases are likely to suffer from this condition. Women above forty years of age are prone to this disorder. Medically termed as Adhesive Capsulitis, this disorder is not life threatening but is enough to hamper your routine activities. You feel severe pain throughout the day while lifting and moving your arm. The pain rises from certain trigger points of the shoulder muscles that often spread to the back and the arm causing difficulty in its free movement.

5 Natural Ways To Cure Frozen Shoulders

Compared to the over-the-counter analgesics and pills, natural cures for frozen shoulders are more effective to treat the pain.

Do Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises For Frozen Shoulder

To start with the natural cures, stretching exercises are the best to reduce the pain and inflammation of the shoulder joint improving its mobility as well. Rotate your arms gently without hurting the painful joints too much. You can practice doorway stretch exercise too.

Stand in a doorway and stretch out your arms to your shoulder height touching both ends of the doorway firmly. Lean in the front exerting a mild pressure on the back of your shoulders. Maintain this posture for 5 minutes. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times.

Adopt Right Sitting Posture

Right Sitting Posture For Frozen Shoulder

Faulty sitting posture especially the slumped posture leaning forward while working in computers for long hours gives rise to frozen shoulder condition. This posture exerts pressure on the trigger points of the shoulder muscles causing pain. Sit in an upright posture while working in computers. Check that your chair has proper back support.

Apply Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment For Frozen Shoulder

Apply a hot compress on the back of shoulders and joints to reduce the pain and stiffness. This is one of the simplest natural cures for frozen shoulder that can be carried out at home conveniently. You can use a soft cloth dipped in hot water or a hot water bag for this purpose.

Place the hot water bag on your shoulders for fifteen minutes. Heat loosens the stiff muscles, improves circulation in the joints thereby reducing the pain. Repeat the treatment 5-6 times a day depending upon the severity of the pain.

Treatment With Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil For Frozen Shoulder

Crush 2-3 garlic cloves and heat it in a cup of mustard oil over a low flame until the smell of garlic evolves. Massage the mixture gently on your painful shoulder joints for a few minutes. This treatment is effective when applied at night before going to bed.

Long hours of rest after the massage produce the best result. Selenium and omega-3-fatty acids present in mustard oil have anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the joint pains fast. You can apply this treatment 2-3 times a day.

Have Black Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds For Frozen Shoulder

Black sesame seeds are rich sources of calcium and magnesium, the two essential minerals for healthy bones and joints. Having black sesame seeds regularly reduces the symptoms of frozen shoulder appreciably. Soak one teaspoonful of black sesame seeds in water overnight and have it next morning. You can roast black sesame seeds and have it with salad, yoghurt and soups. You need to carry on this treatment for some time to treat frozen shoulders.

Top 5 Natural Cures For Frozen Shoulder

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