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8 Ways To Treat Conjunctivitis

Ways To Treat Conjunctivitis

[toc]Among the health problems and ailments, there is one broad category that can be termed as infection. Infections are usually caused by virus and bacteria in the air and can occur in any part of the body starting from the skin to the mouth and even the eyes. Among the eye infections that you might experience, one of the most common ones is that of conjunctivitis. In simple terms, it is also known as pink eye. 

A definition of pink eye states that it is the inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the outermost layer of the eyes and is a clear membrane.Along with discomfort, it gives a complete redness of the eyes and usually looks and feels worse than it is. It is only on an extreme case where it might cause visual damage on a long term basis. To ensure that it is properly treated and does not leave any side effects, you can follow some safe and effective remedies from the list below. Proper follow up of the tips and methods will give you excellent results in hand where the cure for conjunctivitis is concerned. Check them out:

8 Ways To Treat Conjunctivitis

Check Up With A Professional

Cosult With Doctor For Conjunctivitis

The first thing for treatment for conjunctivitis is to get a thorough check up done from a doctor. This will confirm whether it is actually conjunctivitis or any other form of infection or inflammation. Once it is confirmed that it is the pink eye, you can move ahead with cure options in hand. It will also help you know about the cause that can help in much more effective treatment in the hands. This is the first step towards the right direction of successful treatment.

Warm And Cool Compresses

Cold Compresses For Conjunctivitis

One of the best ways to not only lead gradual treatment of conjunctivitis but also get some relief from the symptoms like pain, redness and burning sensation, cold or warm compresses can be used on the eyes from time to time all throughout the day. Make sure you close the eyes before application of the compress. Follow this remedy each day to move a step forward for cure of conjunctivitis. However, make sure you use different compresses on both the eyes to avoid spreading of the infection. New compresses should be used during each session. Herein, make sure you are not wearing contact lenses while using this method of treatment.

Good Hygiene Is The Best Remedy

Wash Hands For Conjunctivitis

To ensure that the treatment takes up speed, you really have to maintain strict codes of conduct for hygiene when it comes to curing the pink eye as well as its symptoms. The idea is to keep washing your hands to flush out the bacteria. Also, ensure that you touch the eyes only with washed hands and then wash it again after touching.

The handkerchiefs and towels used on the face and the eyes should be washed with antiseptic liquid and should be changed on a regular basis to ensure that the conditions don’t worsen and also to treat the conjunctivitis within a week’s time.Rinsing the eyes with plain water is another hygienic idea that can help in treatment of the pink eye. This helps in cleaning away the bacteria in the eye as well as reducing the redness slowly but effectively.

Use Green Tea Bags On The Eyes

Tea Bags For Conjunctivitis

To relieve the symptoms and to cure the conjunctivitis use green tea bags on the eyes regularly. For the proper method, steep the tea bag in hot water for a while. Now remove it from the cup but restrain yourself from squeezing out the water. Now cool it a little, till the tea bags is warm but not hot.

This warm tea bag should be placed on the eye for 5 minutes. The same should be repeated for the other eye with a new green tea bag. This method should be followed at least 3-4 times each day until the problem is completely treated. Within a day you are bound to get remarkable and visible results.

Vitamin A Supplements Should Be Taken

Vitamin A For Conjunctivitis

According to researchers, the deficiency of vitamin A is one of the major reasons for infections of the eye. This solely means that by adhering to foods and supplements rich in vitamin A you can solve the problem of conjunctivitis. For the supplements, make sure you consult a doctor for the right dosage. This is going to start giving you good effects on the eyes and also reduce the redness and pain slowly but efficiently.

Herein, fermented cod liver oil is one of the best liquids that have high levels of vitamin A. you can adhere to this as well for reaching the goals of treatment. Make sure you take it on a routine basis to get visible outcomes.

Use Saline Eye Drops

Eye Drops For Conjunctivitis

Saline eye drops can be put each day in both the eyes to treat the discomfort that conjunctivitis brings along. This can be easily prepared at home or you can also use the saline drops available in the market. use it twice each day in the morning and at night to get the best results in about 3-4 days.

Boost The Immune System

Breathing Yoga For Conjunctivitis

Immunity can be improved on a high level to ensure that the body has a capability to combat the infection and give you good results. This can be in the form of nutritious foods that can strengthen the immune system as well as in the form of immunity boosting techniques like deep breathing, yoga, meditation and more.

This is not only a top notch treating procedure but also prevents the problem from reoccurring. Along with this, following such a natural healing process will also help in keeping a lot of other health problems at bay.

Take Plenty Of Water

Drink Water

It is important to give the eyes the rest that it deserves during the time of conjunctivitis. Do not put any stress on the eyes and take proper sleep of at least 8 hours for the eyes to get the strength to fight the infection. It will also give you relief from the symptoms for a while. This is one of the best remedies to hold on to.

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