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How To Treat Fatty Liver

Ways To Treat Fatty Liver

[toc]A buildup of excess fat in the liver cells is defined as fatty liver disease or steatosis. Fatty liver disease may damage the organ in some cases and give rise to serious complications like cirrhosis. Diabetes, obesity and overweight and elevated levels of triglycerides in the body are some of the risk factors of fatty liver disease. Simple lifestyle changes can prove to be immensely useful for reversing or halting the damage inflicted by fatty liver disease.

Fat will automatically build up in the liver if people have the habit of eating excessive calories. Too much fat will accumulate in the body if the fats in the body aren’t broken down and processed by the liver. If people are suffering from other conditions such as high triglycerides, diabetes and obesity, they will be more vulnerable to the development of fatty liver.

9 Effective Ways To Treat Fatty Liver


Medicines For Fatty Liver

Intense research is currently being carried out on fatty liver. Scientists are trying to figure out if liver inflammation can be reduced with the help of certain medications. New diabetes medications are also part of the research, which may prove to be helpful even if people are not diabetic.

Betaine, pioglitazone, metformin and rosiglitazone are some of these medicines. Orlistat (Xenical) is another medication, which is being studied currently. This particular drug is known to have the ability of blocking the absorption of some of the fat in the body from the food. According to early results, the amount of fat in the liver can be reduced with Orlistat.


Diet For Fatty Liver

People should eat plenty of fibrous foods that include breakfast cereals like wheat bran, oats, wheat flakes and plain unflavored muesli and whole cereal grains such as jowar, barley, ragi and wheat. Dairy products should be avoided and people should consume low fat milk products.

Skimmed milk should be used for replacing whole milk. Sprouts, pulses, white meat like fish and chicken and egg whites are food rich in protein that should be consumed. Flaxeed, walnuts and almonds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and therefore recommended.

People should also eat spring onions, guava, radish, sweet lime, broccoli, papaya, dark green leafy vegetables, orange, cabbage, apple, pear and pomegranate, which are fibrous fruits and vegetables.


Exercise For Fatty Liver

Exercising four times on a weekly basis is ideal. Gardening, walking, swimming and jogging is some enjoyable activities. The primary reason for fatty liver disease is to obesity, which can be prevented by a healthy and simple lifestyle.

You can take charge of your own health with the help of some simple guidelines. The blood circulation in the abdomen can be stimulated with the help of some yoga poses and this can improve the liver.

Ficus Religiosa (Peepal) Leaves

Ficus Religiosa For Fatty Liver

A thick paste can be formed by taking 8 to 10 peepal leaves and grinding them. This paste should be mixed it with cold water and then consumed. This is said to be one of the ideal home remedies for fatty liver according to traditional Indian medicine.

Reducing Alcohol Consumption

Reducing Alcohol For Fatty Liver

The second biggest factor that causes fatty liver is the excessive consumption of alcohol. Fatty infiltration occurs because alcohol inflicts damage onto the liver cell by causing inflammation. Alcohol consumption should be limited by people with fatty liver to approximately seven drinks in a week. Two days at least should be free of alcohol.

Lemon And Oranges

Oranges For Fatty Liver

Fatty liver symptoms can be improved if people extract the juice from citrus fruits like oranges and lemon and drink it up on an empty stomach. Inflammatory conditions of the liver can cause damage to the liver cells and this can be prevented by Vitamin C that’s contained in these citrus fruits.


Detox Diet For Fatty Liver

Toxins should be removed from the body. The liver function is weakened by exposure to toxins that can found in some food items, medications and industrial chemicals. Fatty liver may develop because of weak liver. A detox diet should be used for flushing the toxins out of the body and people should stay away from them as much as possible.


Cinnamon For Fatty Liver

A natural detox flush is dandelion. Symptoms of cirrhosis can be relieved, along with inflammation with the aid of turmeric. Development of fatty liver disease can be slowed down by cinnamon as it reduces blood fructose and glucose levels.

A pain reliever and digestive tonic is aloe Vera. Healthy liver function is promoted by Alpha Lipoic Acid because of its antioxidant properties. Toxins are absorbed by activated charcoal and this protects the liver. Milk thistle is also a traditional remedy for liver issues and it produces enzymes that strengthen the liver.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Fatty Liver

Some plants and fish contain it and it can improve the blood to fat ratio of the body. These are highly beneficial in providing good fat to the body, while eliminating the bad ones. These help out in flushing out toxins along with and increase immunity too.

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