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5 Natural Cures For Boils

Natural Cure To Boils

[toc]Boils are not only painful but also very discomforting. They may occur anywhere on our body and may also drag us into embarrassing situations. Boils on the face not only spoil the beauty but also causes irritation. It is not a very serious ailment and can be easily cured at home if taken proper care. There are many ingredients at our homes which can be used for healing the boils.

These boils should be treated in the very beginning so that they do not get heavily infected by bacteria which become tough to control. We can opt for simple natural cures at home for the same. These natural cures are safe as well as effective for the fast healing of the boils. Below, I will try to make you aware about a few natural cures for boils.

5 Various Effective Ways To Cures For Boils

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil To Reduce Boils

Get a small bottle of black seed oil from the market. It is readily available in any general store. Black seeds are also known as kalaunji in India. These seeds have got many beneficial properties for any kind of skin ailment. Take half teaspoon of the black seed oil and mix it in a glass of orange juice. Drink this mixed solution twice a day for 2 weeks for fruitful result. You will end up curing the boils naturally without any side effect.


Cornmeal To Reduce Boils

Cornmeal is good heating agent when soaked. We will use this property to fasten the healing process of boils. Boil half cup of normal water and add one and a half teaspoons of cornmeal into it. Soak it for sometime to form a soft paste. Now apply this paste on the boils and cover it with cotton cloth. Leave it for minimum 20 minutes. Adopt this process for a number of times throughout the day. This will soften the boil and squeeze out the pus from it. This will lead to complete relief from the problem.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric Paste To Reduce Boils

Turmeric has got many medicinal properties which help in curing many kinds of ailments. Take one inch of fresh turmeric root and grind it into smooth paste. Mix it with half teaspoon of ginger paste. Now apply this mixed paste on the boils and leave it intact for about 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure twice a day for a week. This will help in curing the boils without any side effect within a few days.

Garlic Paste

Garlic Paste To Reduce Boils

This is one of the most effective natural cures for boils. You just need to take 4 to 5 peeled cloves of garlic and make a smooth paste of it. Place the paste in a tablespoon and heat it up a bit. Now apply this heated paste on the boils and keep it on them for 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure 5 times a day to observe the improvement. You will notice the pus coming out of the boil and simultaneously will get relief from the pain. This is a complete cure for the problem.

Milk Pack

Milk Pack To Reduce Boils

This is an unusual natural cure for boils. Take half glass of milk and boil it nicely. Now steadily add 1 teaspoon of salt to it and stir well. Simultaneously add required amount of flour into it to make a smooth paste. Apply this mixture on the boils for a few numbers of times all through the day. This will fasten up the healing process and squeeze out the pus from the boil prematurely. This will give you scar less relief from boils.

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