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Top 11 Home Remedies For Boils On Face

Home Remedies For Boils On Face

[toc]Boils on the face is something that can really take a toll on your confidence. It makes you feel less prettier and of course, all that irritation and itching just makes it worse. Boil can be defined as a serious skin problem that occurs because of bacterial infection. They appear as red nodules that are very painful.

The bigger the boil, the more painful it is. If not treated, then it can also lead to pus and severe infection, accompanied by fever. However, the best way to treat the same is at home. As you see boils, start these home remedies to prevent them from getting bigger and curing them too-

11 Home Remedies For Boils On Face


Cornmeal Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

It has been seen that cornmeal is one of the best ingredients to prevent boils and also get relief from the same. You can simply take about ½ cup of water and then boil it. Once boiled add the cornmeal to the same and turn it into a thick mixture. When you apply this on the boil, make sure that you cover it with a cloth too. This should be done at least 4-5 times a day, till the boil gets softer or the pus stops.

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

The antibacterial properties of the tea tree have been used for treating acne, pimples, etc. and it is equally in beneficial in dealing with tea tree oil too. The antifungal and the antiseptic elements in the oil are very helpful in treating boils. You can simply dilute the oil in a cream or lotion and apply. Dilute it in water and apply directly. Remember to dilute the same because the oil is very strong and can lead to discomfort. When applying the same, use cotton or clean hands. This should be done about 8-10 times a day till the boil dries up completely. You will also avoid marks by using this treatment.

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

The oil of black seed has been used for centuries for treating infections of different types. Skin infection in particular is treated almost instantly with this remedy. This oil has rich medicinal properties that provide respite from symptoms of boil. Simply mix the oil into any drink of your choice; it can be either hot or cold. A couple of spoons is enough and should be taken twice a day.


Cupping Helps To Wash Away The Pus

The treatment of cupping is simply done using an old and cleaned jelly jar or any similar kind of jar. You apply suction on the jar, after covering the boil with it. The treatment has been used for generations and works great. You have to boil water in a pot for some time. When done, use tongs to pull out the cup and let it cool a bit. The cup should be warm but not very hot when putting over the same. A very hot cup won’t get you the needed suction but will only result in burn, leading to infection. Once the cup cools more, over the boil, suction results in better circulation that helps to wash away the pus.


Eggs Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

Egg whites are known as hardening agents and firming the skin. You should use the white portion of a hardboiled egg for this treatment. Simply peel the egg and apply the white part on the boil. Just make sure it is still warm. It provides respite from the pain of the boil.


Turmeric Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

Known for its many anti inflammatory properties and its tendency to be a natural purifier of blood, turmeric has been very helpful in treating boils too. One can either consume it regularly or even apply on the boils. A tried and tested remedy here is having a spoon of turmeric with warm milk. Powdered turmeric should be used here and mix the same well. Purifying blood helps in treating boils, which are mainly caused of impurities in the bloodstream and internal organs. You can also take some fresh or dried turmeric and mix it with some ginger. Equal amounts of both should be taken and applied on the boil. Then wipe with a clean cloth.


Onion Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

Like turmeric and tea tree, onions too have many antiseptic properties, which help in treating boils. There are chemicals in the onion that work against the microorganisms, which cause the boil. Take a thick slice of a freshly cut onion, preferably red. Then place it on the boil and cover the same with a cloth. This is done to prevent the heat from escaping. The generated heat, along with the pungent aroma of the onion work together to drain out the pus from the boil. This should be done at least 3 times a day for respite.


Garlic Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

Garlic can be used along with onions or even alone for treating boils. Remember the skin on the face is sensitive so you don’t want to really risk over heating here. So those with sensitive skin should either use onion or garlic alone. The heat from the garlic helps in treating the boil. Make a paste of a couple of fresh cloves of garlic and then gently apply on the same. You can add some clove oil or even regular clove to this mixture.


Nutmeg Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

Jaiphal or nutmeg helps in stimulating circulation in the body and this in turn aids in fighting bacteria. Nutmeg is great for both consumption and direct application. You can grate nutmeg over milk, tea or any hot drink of your choice. You can also apply a bit of powdered nutmeg over the boil.

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Milk Helps To Reduce Boils On Face

Milk should be consumed on a regular basis to boost immunity and cleanse the system. But you can also apply milk on the face. Heat milk and add 3 spoons of salt to it. Stir well and then add either a bit of flour or even bread to the same for making it thicker. Take a bit of this mixture and then apply on the boil. Let it stay for a few minutes and wash it off. Repeat at least 4-5 times a day. Another remedy here is mixing cream, milk, vinegar and turmeric and then applying it on the boil directly.


Bacon Helps To Reduce Boils

You may be surprised to see this one, but bacon has been used for many centuries for treating boils. You should use roll bacon here and add some salt to or get the salted one. Then place the same between two sheets of clean cloth. Then apply this cloth the boil and press gently. You will feel the pus from the boil coming out in to time. Fat from the bacon helps in softening the boil and taking out pus.

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