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5 Ways To Treat Split Ends Effectively

Ways To Treat Split Ends

[toc]The condition of spilt end is a common problem among women. It is true that hair with split ends is not at all healthy. There are many ways to get rid of split ends. You just need to put a lot of effort to have hair without split ends. Split ends occur when your hair becomes weak and starts to break towards the ends of the hair shaft.

Natural split ends treatment is the best choice for everyone to have shiny and healthy hair. You can easily get rid of split ends yourself by following the right treatment option. Here, we provide some information that helps to treat split ends naturally.

5 Ways To Treat Split Ends

Papaya Pack

Papaya Pack For Split Ends

Papaya pack is one of the natural treatment options for split ends. It is quite effective to cure split ends within a minimal amount of time period. You just need to take a papaya and the quantity of papaya also varies according to the length of the hair. Make sure to deseed the papaya slices. Take half a cup of yogurt and blend papaya slices in it. Apply a creamy layer of this pack on your hair in an apt manner. Leave it for at least an hour and wash off with cold water.


Oiling For Split Ends

Oiling is essential for the overall growth of hair. Castor oil, mustard oil, olive oil, etc. are some of the best oil options to cure split ends. Keep in mind to massage your hair thrice a week for maintaining healthy hair. After massaging wrap your hair with a clean towel and leave it for an hour. Next, have a normal hair wash. Always, purchase good quality hair oil which will feed the roots and repair the hair structure. You can also apply a mixture of oil and egg yolk for maintaining the softness and the strength of the hair.


Honey For Split Ends

It is a wonderful solution to cure split ends and has an ability to nourish the split ends. For this solution, you need to take two tablespoon of honey and mix it with half cup of curd. Beat this and apply on the tips of hair. Leave for half an hour and wash off with normal water. It is a natural treatment for split ends and surely gives the best results within a month.

Black Lentil Or Dal Pack

Black Lentil For Split Ends

This is another way to treat split ends. For this, you need to mix half cup of lentil with fenugreek seeds and a half cup of curd. Mix all the ingredients gently and apply the mixture on your hair. Leave it for at least one to two hours. After that, wash it with cold water and apply conditioner for getting the best results. It is recommended to apply this paste twice a week for getting instant results. It not only removes your split ends, but also makes hair smooth.


Eggs For Split Ends

Split ends can be easily overcome by applying egg mixture. Egg is a full proof and effective solution which can easily be applied at home. For egg mixture, take 2-3 drops of almond oil, one tablespoon of curd and one or two eggs yolk depending on the hair volume. Beat it and apply on hair for 20-30 minutes. Wash it off gently with normal water. You can also add honey for getting the shiny and smooth hair. Egg mixture is a well-known split ends remedy.

All these are effective treatment options to remove split ends. You can choose any treatment that suits you the best. These are effective and easily accessible.

5 Ways To Treat Split Ends

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