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How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

Ways To Get Rid Of Split Ends

[toc]Hair is one of the aspects of a human being that can either enhance their looks and personality or completely leave a negative effect. There are millions of people around the globe now who are conscious about their skin and hair unlike in the past times. Today, they are ready to do a lot of efforts to ensure that their skin and hair is problem free and boosts their attraction. However, even after proper care, there are a lot of external factors that lead to hair problems and thus cause hindrance to your aims. Among the much prevalent issues, split ends are one of them and are more common in women than in men.

Split ends in simple definition are when the ends of the hair strands splits into two. This not only affects the hair growth but also the overall hair health. The list below is to help out the people from the crisis of split end with simple and safe tips. By following any of the methods you can easily get rid of split ends without much effort and expense. Use them on a routine basis for ideal outcomes:

9 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Split Ends

Beer Wash

Beer Wash For Split Ends

One of the interesting and highly effective ways in which you can completely get freedom from the ugly issues of split ends is by rinsing it from beer at least once every fortnight. Beer is known to have natural proteins and sugar that helps in the strengthening of the hair as well as the treatment of the split ends. To do the same, you need to wash the hair and condition it as usual and then wash it with beer. The beer scent might be a little pungent but then it is definitely worth it. It also makes the hair soft and smooth.

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Eat Healthy

Healthy Foods For Split Ends

Healthy foods will always be an added benefit to you in innumerable aspects related to body, skin and hair. Herein, if you are looking for proper hair conditions then the best you can do is to stick to healthy meals and diet each day.

Include loads of fruits and vegetables and nuts and whole grains in the diet that helps in providing the body with good amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for flawless hair. A nutritious diet will always keep hair problems away as well as treat it including the crisis of split ends.

The Benefit Of Hair Trimming

Hair Trimming For Split Ends

Get the hair trimmed a little each month or at about 6-8 weeks. This will ensure that all the split ends are removed in the best and the speediest way possible. If you haven’t got a hair trim from very long it is always better to invest in a professional hair stylist who knows what exactly the need of the hour is and give you best possible results.

Use Anti-Split End Products

Conditioner For Split Ends

Using anti-split end specialized products available in the market will not only get rid of the problem but also prevent it from reoccurring. This tip is perfect for people who have frequent issues of split ends and is looking for preventive measures along with the right cure.

However, make sure you chose the product wisely. It should suit your hair type and should also be of good quality. This includes shampoos, conditioners and serums all manufactured for hair that is prone to split ends.

Deep ConditionThe Hair

Deep Condition For Split Ends

Nourishment for the hair is as important as it is for the skin. The lack of proper care and conditioning can be one of the major reasons why you are having troubles of split ends. Deep conditioning is the way to go when it comes to sorting out the treatment for split ends.

Make sure you oil your hair properly and keep it overnight for best results in the morning. The same can be done in the case of hair masks that can be easily prepared at home for nourishing the hair and kept applied for an hour or two before finally rinsing it off.

Go For Homemade Hair Masks

Yogurt For Split Ends

There are a lot of hair masks that can be easily and affordably prepared at home and then used on the hair for the removal of split ends. Among them the combination of papaya and low fat and sugar free yogurt is one of the most effective ones. Apart from that, mashed avocados can be used on the hair as a mask to get brilliant results.

Avocados mixed with egg whites and olive oil can also prove to be a perfect hair mask to get rid of split ends. The idea is to use the hair mask at least once in a week to remove the split ends and also prevent them from coming back.

Proper Hair Cleansing

Hair Cleansing For Split Ends

Accumulation of dirt, oil and bacteria in the scalp and hair strands will bring along a lot of problems including split ends. It is very important to maintain a strict cleansing regimen that includes hair wash with a good quality shampoo at least 3 times a week and hair conditioning along with it.

Using hair serums is an added advantage here. This is something that will not only treat the damaged ends but also a lot of other hair crises and infections.

Keep Away From Hair Styling

Hair Styling For Split Ends

Hair styling and heat treatments not only permanently damages the hair but also makes it extremely dry and void of moisture. Not only is it one of the reasons for the occurrence of split ends but also one that should be avoided completely and on a strict basis if you want proper freedom from the damaged ends. This is one of the tips you need to keep in the pocket if you want flawless and healthy hair as well.

Use Mayonnaise in The Hair

Mayonnaise For Split Ends

A dollop of mayonnaise can be used on the entire hair and kept covered for about 45 minutes to one hour. This not only nourishes the hair deeply and makes it soft and smooth but also helps in removing the split ends. In the latter case, use the mayo once every week on the hair to reap maximum advantage.

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