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5 Natural Cures For Bladder Infection

[toc]Bladder infection occurs when this infection causing bacteria enters the kidney or urinary bladder and causes the infection of urinary tract, this is also known as cystitis. It is easily treatable and though it causes discomfort and pain, this infection is not life threatening. This type of infection is very common in females. The symptoms for this disease initially are very mild which gradually aggravate if prompt attention is not given. It begins with mild fever, foul smell in the urine, frequent urination and traces of blood in the urine. Pelvic and abdominal pain increases if the problem persists and increases.

bladder infections

Usually it is caused due to either improper hygiene or is a side effect of serious diseases like diabetes, cancer and so on. If it is treated at the initial stage then there are full chances of the disappearance of this disease. Allopathic treatments tend to pose a lot of side effects so one can resort to natural cures that are feasible and free of side effects. Some of these natural cures are discussed in details below.

Various Natural Cures For Bladder Infection

Vitamin C

The natural sources for this nutrient are citrus fruits like oranges and sweet lime and so on. It has the potential to increase the acidity in the urine that helps in eliminating the bacteria creating infections and preventing it from spreading.

This nutrient is water soluble hence it consuming more of it will not be a problem as it can be easily is flushed off with the urine. It helps in relieving the patient of the symptoms such as burning sensation in the urine it is ideal to consume vitamin C supplement with the last meal so as to tackle the problem which progresses more in the night. The correct amount of this nutrient can be incorporated in the diet with the help of a dietician and increased intake helps in checking the bladder infection in its tract.

vitamin c

Cranberry Juice And Supplements

Cranberry is another natural product that can help in curing bladder infection at the onset of this disease. The juice of cranberry is an excellent remedy for curing bladder infection as it helps in flushing the bacteria out from the urine. There is no limit on the quantity of consumption of this juice but one should be careful in drinking naturally extracted juice and not the canned ones.

It is readily available at the local grocery stores and is also available in the form of supplements that are made naturally. It is excellent for curtailing the bacteria present in the bladder as it contains certain compounds relevant for the treatment of these infections.


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Use Of A Heating Pad

Bladder infections can cause severe pain especially in the abdominal region and pelvic area. This is easily curable by using hot water bags or heating pads that can be prepared by taking a normal padded material and running a hot iron on it to create a hot pad. These hot bags or pads can be placed on the thighs and the lower abdomen to alleviate the pain promptly and naturally.

Care should be taken to cover it with a cloth as the pad can be scalding hot and sometimes burn the surface of the skin on the abdomen. The heat tends to relax the bladder easing the pain. It also prevents the breeding of bacteria in the bladder as these germs multiply in cold temperatures.

hot water bag

Increase The Water Consumption

Water is one of the most natural elements that are highly beneficial in treating bladder infections as it is a natural purifier. One should consume at least 4 litres or more as this is known to flush out the germs and toxins from our bodies in the form of urine. When consumed in good quantities it has the potential to eliminate the bacteria present in the urine that are the root cause of bladder infections. Care should be administered to exclude other fluids like juices, and other beverages in the 4 litres of liquid that need to be consumed to treat these infections. Another function of excessive water consumption is that it provides cooling effect to the bladder which gets irritated due to the presence of bacteria.

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This natural product is a by-product of milk which is not only made at home but also readily available in grocery stores. It has a lot of advantages and is primarily used in relieving gastrointestinal problems, however it is equally beneficial in eradicating the bladder infections as it contains probiotics and good bacteria that is responsible for lowering the population of the bad bacteria and eliminating their existence.


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