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6 Natural Cures For Bone Cancer

Natural Cure To Bone Cancer

[toc]Bone Cancer can affect any bone in the body especially the long bones of the limbs. Cancer can be primary and affect the bone tissues directly or they may be secondary and have another origin but spread eventually to the bone. A person suffering from bone cancer has severe bone pain, tumour which can exert unwanted pressure on the blood vessels surrounding the bone, tenderness and swelling of the joints, Fractures and brittle bones, fatigue and drowsiness, anaemia, loss of immune function, weight loss, fever and nausea.

The early detection of the bone cancer makes the treatment more effective. Allopathic treatment involves methods like radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, etc which are expensive and have side effects that can be as bad as the cancer. Hence people prefer using natural cures for bone cancer as they are more cost effective and safe for use.

6 Natural Ways To Cure Bone Cancer

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Bone Cancer

Aloe Vera is a plant that has tremendous medicinal properties and has been used for over hundreds of years to treat various medical problems. It is believed that aloe vera can stop the growth and survival of cancer cells and even destroy them. Aloe vera has proved very effective even in cases where chemotherapy has not worked.

Aloe Vera contains a compound called Aloeride which is mainly responsible for the treatment of bone cancer. This compound can stop the duplication of the cancer cells without harming the healthy cells, thus proving to be a very effective cure.


Minerals For Bone Cancer

The bones of a person suffering from bone cancer become very brittle. This brittleness may cause breakage of bones or fractures. This can lead to further complications in the treatment of bone cancer. It is very important for a person suffering from bone cancer, to keep their bones healthy and strong.

The best way to fortify the bones is by consuming calcium. The readily available and easiest source of calcium is milk. Magnesium and strontium are also required in small quantities to help strengthening of the bones. Cesium chloride is also very important to maintain good bone health. All these supplements are easily available in the market in tablet form.


Exercise For Bone Cancer

Exercise does not directly cure cancer. Regular exercise has many benefits like improving the circulation and making the heart stronger, lowering anxiety and depression, increasing self esteem and reducing fatigue. All these factors further help in making the immune system stronger.

The stronger immune system further helps in fighting off the cancer. Thus regular exercise makes the body healthier helping the body fight the cancer cells and treat bone cancer.

Nutrition And Herbal Therapy

Quit Smoking For Bone Cancer

A person suffering from bone cancer must avoid smoking and alcohol consumption at all costs. A Nutritional therapy consisting of vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies will go a long way in the treatment of bone cancer. The diet should contain high amounts of vegetables, fruits and grains. The major focus of this diet is to cure the inflammation that is caused due to the cancer.

Fruits, grains vegetables and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acid content are very good ant inflammatory agents. Garlic, turmeric and onions have anti cancer properties. Adding these to your food will help in the treatment of bone cancer. Green Tea contains polyphenols which are substances that help kill the cancer cells. Hence having green tea daily will help refresh the body and cure bone cancer.

Mind Body Medicine

Hypnotherapy For Bone Cancer

Mind Body techniques are those therapies that use the power of the mind to help the body heal. These alternative therapies include yoga, prayer, art and music therapy, hypnotherapy, imagery and visualization and meditation. The most common symptom of cancer is pain. These therapies help in controlling the pain by distracting the patient from the pain and allowing him to concentrate on other things.

Reiki and qigong are also methods of alternative treatments. In reiki the healers the practitioners believe that the body has some capacity to heal itself and help to manipulate these energy fields. Qigong involves various kinds of breathing and meditation exercises that are responsible for bringing down the inflammation and reducing the pain.

Body Manipulation And Adjustments

Body Manipulation For Bone Cancer

Acupuncture, Chiropractic techniques and osteopathic manipulations are all forms of these complementary treatment techniques. These techniques involve the use of pressure, stretching and resistance on various muscle and joints to exercise them. It is believed that by these manual manipulations the problem of bone cancer can be cured.

Massage therapy is also commonly used to treat patients suffering from bone cancer. Tremendous care and caution must be taken while performing these manipulations on a person suffering from bone cancer as their bones are fragile and one wrong move can worsen the situation rather than remedy it.