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10 Best Natural Cures For Snoring

Natural Cure To Snoring

[toc]Snoring is not something that a lot of people take seriously. So what if you are making a bit of sounds in the night. It really doesn’t matter. But what they do not know is that snoring could be the source of an underlying problem, one of them being sleep apnea.

Here the person simply stops breathing for a while and this could be potentially dangerous and fatal.In a similar way, snoring can be a problem for the partner of that individual or someone with whom, he or she shares a room. So it is vital to get rid of snoring. There are some natural solutions available for this-

10 Natural Solutions For Snoring

Getting Rid Of Obstruction

Deep Breathing Reduce Snoring

One of the most common problems of snoring is because of obstruction of some kind in the passage. This could be cold, sinus or even something related. Hence it is suggested that you practice techniques of deep breathing or even check your nose for some kind of obstruction like dust particles, etc. and take it out via hand or using a small ear bud.

Shed Off Weight

Control Weight For Snoring

Snorers are also suggested to shed off weight to get rid of that excess fat in the throat. It has been seen prevention of fat in the throat can stop snoring.Often, excess fat accumulation in this area causes snoring.

So pregnant women tend to snore more because they have been putting on weight during pregnancy, which in turn blocks the passageways. Avoid high calorie foods like pizza, sweets, chocolates and other dairy products as they tend to induce the problem of snoring.


Stop Smoking For Snoring

The other factors that can help to prevent or stop snoring include reducing smoking as it chokes the throat.
It has been proven that snoring is caused by airway or the passage getting narrower. However, smoking and pollution are major contributors of this.

Hence it is recommended that you go for a natural detoxification process at a spa or salon. This includes using herbs and natural remedies to cleanse the airways via methods of neti pot, steam and sauna.

Anti Snore Pillow

Anti Snore Pillow For Snoring

Snoring can be caused due to bad sleep position or posture or even some kind of problems in the supple tissues in the throat. If the narrow airway gets in between the path of smooth breathing then it leads to snoring. Using an anti snore pillow is a natural and effective measure to reduce snoring.  It prevents the tongue to get in the way of smooth breathing.

The most common causes of snoring include weakness of the throat which causes the throat to get blocked during sleep. It also solves the problem of a poorly positioned jaw that is caused by tension in your muscles. At times there may be kind of a fat gathering in this area too. Any kind of obstacles in the nasal tube also leads to snoring. Using the natural anti snore pillow helps to deal with the same.


Lavender For Snoring

One of the most suggested solutions for snoring is to sleep for at least 8 hours days as per the biological clock. For example, individuals who work night shifts sleep during the day, which is against their natural process. But if given the chance to sleep regularly at night, they can actually get rid of the snoring issue.

Lavender helps you in sleeping better and has a calming effect on the mind and the body. Simply putting lavender flowers on the bed or even a dash of lavender oil on the pillows will help you sleep better and with regularized sleep, snoring can be cured. Avoid taking medications or tranquilizers to sleep as they can get addictive.

Change Sleeping Posture

Change Sleeping Posture For Snoring

Another effective and natural cure that can be implemented here is to improve the sleeping posture. It has been seen that a lot of individuals sleep on their side. But as per studies, sleeping on their back increases the snoring problem as muscles do swell up in this posture. Along with using a soft pillow you can try and start sleeping on your side so that the chances of the airways getting narrowed down are less.

Sleeping on the back or even on the stomach, exerts more pressure on the airways. Some individuals snore because their tongue falls back into the throat. This in turn blocks the airways. However, this condition may be improvised by changing the sleeping position too.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum Reduce Snoring

Other natural cures for snoring include pretending to chew gum as it works on the muscles of the throat. Make sure that the mouth remains shut when you are doing the same. This can be done right before you go to sleep or even through out the day to help the membranes get clearer.

Steam Or Humidifier

Steam Reduce Snoring

Individuals suffering from cold or other related symptoms should try and inhale steam. For those who are suffering from problems due to blocked passages and membranes can get respite from this. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the same. Another method here is the humidifier, which again helps you breathe easier.

Remember, inhale steam before sleeping or to sleep with the humidifier turned on. Sleeping on a soft pillow also induces sleeping because it relaxes your throat muscles and hence obstructs the airways. A little amount of honey can also be taken before going to bed as a cure for snoring.

Taping The Nose

Taping The Nose For Snoring

Another remedy here is taping the nose using some nasal strips, which are natural or even duct tape. What happen here is that keeping the nasal passages slightly wider helps in better breathing. Even though it may look odd, you are at home at night so it really does not matter.

Peppermint Wash

Peppermint For Snoring

You can make a mouthwash using fresh peppermint by simply boiling mint leaves in a cup of water and using it as a wash. You can also get a natural peppermint mouthwash and use it at night. This herbal gargle helps in clearing nasal congestion and enhances better breathing, which prevents congestion and cures snoring too.

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