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Tips On How To Cure Alcoholism

[toc]AlcoholismAlcoholism is considered as the most threatened abuse in the world. It varies according to different countries; a survey showed that in U S. 12.5 million people are among the abusers. Alcoholism refers to a pattern in which the individual is dependent on alcohol for living. They consume alcohol to such a great extent that it results in abuse, loss of employment, health and even family relations.

Advanced medical science and psychotherapy Treatments have bought a new dawn in the approach to alcohol treatments process. It promises to eradicate the vice once and forever. Alcoholism, unlike many other physical diseases is a deep rooted psychological disorder. It needs medical, psychological and even social aid, which is possible via various treatment modes

Various Methods To Cure Alcoholism

Enroll With An Alcohol Rehab And Treatment Center

Alcoholism Treatment CenterThe alcohol treatment centers are a refuge for the abusers who have lost faith in life. It is here where dismay and hopelessness transcends into hope and optimism. Addiction to alcohol leads to a great extent of chemical dependency. Sudden restriction on its consumption, or withdrawal results, in some side affects in the individuals body.

This is also known as AW or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Even though the patient experiences discomfort, withdrawal symptoms indicate prevention from many chronic diseases. At these treatment centers, the alcoholics or the addicts are required to stay for a few weeks to a few months, till the problem is not uprooted. They implement an array of treatments like-

Inpatient Detoxification

Inpatient DetoxificationThis detoxification treatment is suggested for addicts who are suffering from considerable medical or psychiatric complications. The alcohol addicts are kept under careful supervision, with supporting medical aid. As compared to outpatient detox treatments, inpatient detoxification aids in enhanced continuity.

The patients who commence their alcoholism treatment are discharged only after the related symptoms have subsided drastically. The detachment from social and environmental stimulus reduces risks of relapse.

Outpatient Detoxification

Outpatient DetoxificationUsually the outpatient detoxification treatment for alcohol is suggested for mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal. In such cases, severe psychiatric complications or medical problems don’t exist. Hence, the chances of complex withdrawal processes don’t exist. Patients suggested for outpatient detox treatments don’t have previous history of seizures or Delirium Tremens.

Such alcohol addicts are considered to be significantly reliable. However, commuting a long distance each day can be a menace for both the patient and the doctors. It also results in breaks, thus preventing consistent treatment. So a lot of patients are advised to reside at the rehab center.


CounselingThe counselor helps to determine the root cause of the problem. Understanding the social or psychological reason for this addiction is vital. Emotional healing helps the patient to bear the physical trauma caused due to detox procedures. Harmful toxins are eliminated from the body using medicines. Couple therapy is another process which alcohol treatment centers are putting emphasis on.

Basically it involves a spouse who is non alcoholic, this is best way to make an addict get involve in the treatment. Marital behavioral therapy is one of the method which is becoming a blessing these days. Marital bliss is achieved by making the couple work together for a cause. Shared participation and activities make a good bond and thus psychological healing is achieved.

Intervention Treatment

Advice From FamilyIntervention is another treatment process which ensures recovery. Brief treatment is in vogue these days as it promises counseling and advice from family and community. Here the family members, under guidance of counselors and medical advisers makes the addicts aware and educates on the ill effects of alcohol with a practical touch. The counselor imbibes some good virtues encouraging him to inculcate self restraining power. The method of brief treatment can be done outside the treatment center. College students are found to be benefited by this treatment.

Medicines For Alcoholism

Medicines For AlcoholismPharmaco Therapy is a recent treatment technique which is becoming a popular choice these days by these alcohol treatment centers. Some medications have been developed which would curb the cravings for consumption of alcohol. Naltrexone a medication was approved in 1995 controlled relapse. The new alcohol treatment centers with their diverse process in alcohol treatments have become the healers for the abusers.

Diet And Exercises To Heal Alcoholism

ExercisesThe diet of the alcohol addict is altered too. During the detoxification treatment foods, which hasten the procedure are provided. Also, the chemical imbalance created in the body due to excessive consumption of alcohol is reduced by consuming healthier foods. Alcohol detoxification treatments are accompanied with regular exercises to flush out toxins and energize the body.

Detox diets include lot of fresh fruits, fibers and energizing drinks that help to eliminate the traces of alcohol. Exercises and yoga are suggested to deviate the mind and the body, which helps in revitalizing the inner self along with providing respite from withdrawal symptoms.

Help And Support From Family Members And Peers

Support From FamilyIf the stage of alcoholism is rather early and the habit not too intense, treatment can also be done at home. In this reference, the addict should not be allowed to access alcohol in any form. The members of the house help the addict or alcoholic to abstain from the same via indulging in other social activities.

They treat alcoholism as a problem and not an abuse, which helps the addict to get back to a normal life faster. Since, the addiction stage is very early, detoxification or other treatments are not required.

Herbs To Treat Alcoholism

PeppermintThere are a lot of herbal remedies that are beneficial in this reference as they aid the nervous system and also encourage the body to remain in a calm and relaxed state. Some of these herbs include chamomile, skullcap, peppermint, catnip, etc. are very useful. One can have any of these herbs or even combine them to form a herbal tea and keep sipping on it.

Not only will it combat depression but also aid in overcoming symptoms of alcoholism withdrawal like acute pain and sudden bursts of temper. Another herb that can be of help here is St. John’s wort that aids in reducing the appetite for alcohol. It should be consumed by extracting the juice and is very useful in alcohol treatment.

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