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Tips On How To Prevent Alcoholism

[toc]AlcoholismWith the increase in substance abuse, more and more people are becoming victims of alcoholism. It is the dependence of people on alcohol which has adverse effects both physical and psychological. The first step of the treatment process is to perform solutions for stopping the problem and preventing it from recurring again. There are ways through which alcoholism can be prevented in the first place.

It should be remembered that alcoholism should not be allowed to occur in the first place, and if it does, then ways of apt prevention should be exercised. It has been seen that a lot of people tend to relapse post alcoholism remedies, hence it is vital to implement the needed solutions. Here are some of them.

Ways To Prevent Alcoholism


When alcohol addicts, who are habitual of drinking alcohol excessively, quit its consumption, they may suffer from various withdrawal symptoms. They basically arise because of the abrupt cessation of alcohol. The bodies develop a tolerance for alcohol over the course of addiction and its absence leads to reactions termed as the withdrawal syndrome. Alcohol detox is the process through which these withdrawal symptoms are regulated and treated in order to allow the bodies to clean the remaining residue of alcohol in the body.

Right Diet

Right DietThe non drug methods are effective because the addicts receive constant support and are also constantly screened. In addition these non drug methods make use of vitamin therapy through which proper nutrition is given to the addicts. This assists in restoring them to health. With the right nutrition the body is able to cope better with the problems of alcoholism like withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Therapy

ValiumThe experts and professionals are of the opinion that using a drug therapy approach is the most effective way to assist people in managing withdrawal symptoms as they can numb the pain and also prevent seizures and brain damage. The most effective of the drugs used are benzodiazepines such as Ativan, Serax, Librium and Valium.

The specialists administer these drugs by bringing a progressive decrease in dosage gradually. Once the individuals have recovered from their withdrawal symptoms they are given naltrexone like Reviat in order to prevent relapse. These drugs help the addict to avoid alcohol in the future by creating a harmonious balance in the body.

Sober Houses

Sober houses usually have designed and affordable programs, which will help women and men, develop new healthy relationships with other people in these recovery programs. They offer a support system that will aid in establishing long-term sobriety. These include, independent group therapy, counseling, transportation to meetings and conferences and structured program rules such as curfews and many others.

The sober house rehabilitation center and drug treatment centers are very similar to halfway houses. However, the norms and legalities at the halfway house may be more stringent. These sober houses also have provisions FOR required curfew attendance, meetings, and sponsorship. These sober houses work by emphasizing on factors and combination of elements, which are highly effective in battling the insidious disease of alcoholism and drug addiction.


CounselingCounseling is a vital part of helping an individual get over the problem of alcoholism and prevent it from happening again. It has been seen that this problem occurs because of psychological reasons and not physical factors alone. Therapy from specialists helps the individual to deal and accept the problem.

They also learn with the fact that they should avoid alcohol in the long run. They willingly understand that alcohol should be avoided for the betterment of their physical and emotional health. This applies to both addicts and also individuals who are on the path of becoming an addict.

Love And Affection

Love And AffectionIt is true that psychological factors cause stress, which in turn leads to alcoholism. But it should be remembered that alcoholism can be prevented with the right amount of love and care from members of the family. Those who suffer from emotional, financial or even marital and family stress tend to be more prone to alcoholism. By talking more to the addict and creating a harmonious ambiance in the house, this problem can be prevented.


Follow Up Programs

MedicationsMost alcohol treatment centers have follow up programs that include a meeting of ex addicts along with gatherings on remaining sober. Usually sober houses may conduct the same or this can be arranged by the therapist or the psychologist of the individual.

Here a record is kept of the alcohol free days of the addict, along with providing follow up care, medication, etc. to ensure that the addict can prevent relapse of alcoholism once again. Discussions are held with individuals, who were able to maintain an addiction free life, which prevents alcoholics from going on the wrong path.

Lifestyle Changes

MeditationApart from the above, a healthy way to prevent alcoholism also includes lifestyle changes. Indulge more in exercises, yoga or other relaxation techniques. Keep stress away by playing sports, go on a holiday or even seek the path of meditation, to avoid the temptation of alcoholism. It should be remembered that this prevention will help you go a long way.

Herbal Teas And Mixes

Chamomile TeaHerbs too can be used for preventing alcoholism. Herbal teas made from ginger, chamomile, or even lavender relax the body and mind. They also cleanse the body of toxins, which are deposited because of over indulgence in alcohol. Once the toxins are flushed out, it is much easier to prevent alcoholism. The herbs also help you curb the need for alcohol.

Restrict Access To Alcohol

It has been seen that individuals who are prone to addiction find ways to drinking and social drinking is a major factor, which tempts them. In this reference, it is best to not let the addict go or visit places where easy access to drinks or alcohol is available. Family can help in this reference by not keeping alcohol during parties or not letting others indulge the addict or tempt them with alcohol. You should also keep a tab of unusual absences from work or even home, because they may be tempted to drink, which again opens the path for alcoholism.

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