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Tips On How To Prevent Cramps

[toc]Leg CrampsA common problem that most of the people face in their day to day life especially women who are in special stages of their life like pregnancy is that of leg cramps. However, these might not be a serious health ailment, but is definitely a cause of worry when it comes to pains and discomfort in the body.

This hampers the normal routine and also forces you to be on bed all day. The best that can be done in a situation like this is to prevent the occurrence of leg cramps rather than treating them when they actually occur. To get an idea about the successful ways, you can check the list below.

Ways To Prevent Cramps

Stay Away From Heavy Physical Activity

WalkingHeavy physical activities and exercises will put more stress on the muscles and the tissues and make them more prone to leg cramps.

If you are someone who faces a lot of leg cramps and quite frequently, then it is best to adhere to something as simple as walking or swimming. Warming up before exercising is also advisable just like cooling down after the activity is. These will prevent the leg cramps.

Understand The Cause

One of the first things that need to be done here is to know about the root cause of what is exactly causing leg cramps so frequently. This will help you gauze the problem and find better prevention methods. For example, if there are certain medications that are causing the problem, the best prevention in this case would be to stop or change the medicines immediately. This is the best prevention you can do. The same is applicable for other causes too.

Hydration Is Important

drink waterWhether it is just after exercise or even in the normal day to day regimen, hydration of the body is important for the prevention of leg cramps. In this situation, it is important for you to know that dehydration is a major cause for the occurrence of leg cramps.

Drink about 10 glasses of plain and filtered water along with healthy liquids like herbal teas and fresh fruit juices to get the best results and to achieve your aims perfectly.


fruits and vegetablesHaving vitamin and mineral rich foods in the daily meals is one of the successful ways in which one can prevent the leg cramps. Vitamin A, B, C and D are highly recommended in a condition like this where you want to keep the cramps at bay.

Nutritional and healthy diet is a way to prevent most of the health issues including this one and regulates the body functions in an ideal way.


ExercisesMuscle stiffness and sitting in one place for a prolonged time are some of the reasons that brings along muscle cramps. Herein, encouraging movement is suggested where one should stretch from time to time. This should be done for the entire body including the legs and the hands.

Stretching exercises can be consulted with the professional for best outcomes. These are some of the prevention methods for any kind of cramps in the body. Use them to see the positive effects.