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Top 5 Home Remedies For Alopecia

Home Remedies For Alopecia

[toc]Alopecia is a common term used for hair loss or baldness, created due to a number of reasons. Hair loss may happen due to more than one reason and the pattern of baldness is also different in each of the cases.

Most commonly, hair loss happens both in male and female due to the hormonal changes.In case of men, the problem of baldness is more and this is due to the hormone, androgen. Also, in women, baldness is not seen more prominently as in men, but thinning of hair may happen due to hormonal imbalance or other external conditions. Alopecia may occur even due to hereditary reasons.

5 Home Remedies For Alopecia

Nourish With Egg

Nourish With Egg For Alopecia

Egg is rich is protein, which is the most essential nutrient for the growth of hair. Hair fall generally happens due to malnourishment and weakening of hair. When you provide this nourishment externally, it will greatly reduce hair fall.

If you feel that egg is too smelly, you can use just the white part of egg and apply in completely on the scalp and hair. You can wash it off after 20 or 30 minutes with mild shampoo. This treatment will arrest hair fall immediately. You can carry out this application twice a week.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Alopecia

Coconut oil is the best hair strengthening agent, which protects the hair from getting dry and broken. A massage with coconut oil before hair wash helps in nourishing the hair and will reduce hair fall greatly.


Fenugreek Seeds For Alopecia

Hair fall may happen even when your body temperature is more. You can avoid this by applying the paste of fenugreek on the scalp and wash it off after sometime.

You can do this once in week, especially in summer, when the temperature will be high. You can also mix the fenugreek paste with curd before applying, for better results.


Hibiscus For Alopecia

Hibiscus flower is also a very good anti-hair fall agent. You can use the dried flowers to make a paste, which can then be applied on the hair. This will completely lock hair fall, after applying continuously for a few weeks.

This can also be mixed with henna to add strength to hair. You can also use hair oil that is available with hibiscus as the main ingredient. This oil can also be prepared at home, by adding the dried flowers in to the coconut oil. You have to leave it for a few days, before using it.

Amla (Gooseberry)

Gooseberry For Alopecia

Amla is a cooling agent, as well as a protein rich fruit. The dried amla can be mixed with coconut oil and used for better results. You can also make a paste of amla and apply it directly on the hair, which has multiple effects. It helps in cooling the scalp and strengthens the root hairs.

Also, it conditions the hair and will give a shining look to it. Alopecia is a very common problem and you can try out some simple home remedies to cure it. This works better than the readymade chemical products available in the market.

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