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Top 5 Home Remedies For Tooth Pain

Home Remedies For Tooth Pain[toc]Toothache is a common ailment faced by a large majority of population, irrespective of age. The main reason for tooth pain is generally the development of cavities. Also, the problem in the gums and roots may also cause pain in teeth. Even when your teeth are very sensitive, you will feel a stinging pain on intake of hot or cold food. In worse condition, it may even lead to headaches and spoil your day. Apart from problems on the teeth, the pain may also be caused due to growth of a new tooth, usually the growth of wisdom tooth pains a lot.

5 Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Clove – The Analgesic

Cloves Reduce Tooth Pain Clove, if used in cooking will add flavor to the recipe. The use of cloves, not just stops with it. It is also an analgesic and helps in reducing the tooth pain effectively. So, you can always have a good amount of stock of cloves to use it in case of emergency. You can break the clove bud and place in on the teeth which give pain. The pain will slowly cease after sometime. You can also gargle with clove oil mixed with water. This also has antibacterial action and kills the bacteria in mouth, reducing pain.

Onion Can Reduce The Pain

Onions Reduce Tooth Pain The juice of onion is an anti-bacterial agent. So, on chewing the raw onion, you can expose the affected tooth to the onion juice. This will kill the bacteria on the decayed tooth, which is one of the main reasons for the pain. So, the killing of bacteria will also reduce the amount of pain within few hours.

Gargle Often With Water

Gargling Reduce Tooth Pain Water can wash away all food particles from the teeth and bacteria too. All the left over particles in the teeth are fed by bacteria and aggravate the tooth pain. If you wash off the food particles and bacteria, then you can get some relief from the pain. Also, you can add a pinch of salt with water. Salt can fight against any germs effectively, saving your teeth from bacterial action.

Use Hot Water Bag For Compress

Hot Water Bag Reduce Tooth Pain You can also use a hot water bag to compress the outer portion of the cheek, where you experience tooth ache. This will help in reducing pain to certain extent, by easing the gums and muscles. You can also try cold water compress, which will make the muscles numb and will help you out of the pain for some time.

Raw Spinach Can Fight Bacteria

Raw Spinach Reduce Tooth Pain Raw spinach is often neglected, but it is a good fighter against bacteria. You can take a few leaves of spinach and chew it completely. The juice of spinach will kill the bacteria and help in treating toothache. You can do this at least three times a day and get complete cure from tooth pain problems. Apart from all these, brushing twice daily is one of the most important things that have to be followed. You can also use mouth wash to clear off plaques that may remain even after complete brushing. This will protect your teeth from bacteria and pain.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Tooth Pain